I Want my MTV

Seeing that David Harrison's appearance on The Real World was potentially the FreeDarko equivalent to the last episode of Friends, I would have to say that this is our Superbowl:

Nowitzki gets 'Punk'd' on MTV

07:00 AM CST on Tuesday, March 8, 2005

By EDDIE SEFKO / The Dallas Morning News

Dirk Nowitzki is getting Punk'd, but not by somebody dunking on him in an NBA game.

The Mavericks' star will be featured on an episode of the MTV series Punk'd, which debuted its new season Sunday night.

Details are being kept under wraps about Nowitzki's show, but teammate Michael Finley has a role in the skit. The show features set-up gags that catch celebrities in situations that show how they handle themselves in aggravating or embarrassing situations.

Nowitzki's scene was filmed in Los Angeles in January, and, according to Mavericks staffers who were involved in the taping, the episode is full of laughs.


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