Missing industry

Some of the happiest times of my life have come watching old McDonald's Game dunk contests at 1 in the morning on ESPN2. This is one such moment.

I have spent as much time trying to figure out LeBron's athleticism as I have getting others to listen to me about the quick/fast/first step/burst/explosive taxonomy. What stands out most is the unlikliness of it—he's built like Amare but moves through the air like an ABA 'er. There's something dignified, warrior-like, and timeless about it, with even the most frightening tomahawk sublimated into a class act.

Tonight I finally got to see what he did in the contest his senior year. Sweet Christ. He had his head over the rim on every dunk, split the air around him with his velocity, and threatened to do damage to the basket.

Amazing that he's that disciplined when it comes to dunking in-game. Unbelievable that the NBA couldn't convince him to shock the world in Denver.