The most incredible 1.6 seconds of basketball ever produced by one man

Anyone who caught last night's Heat/Suns squash-out knows what I'm talking about. In case you're not among the worthy, or were too busy watching CBS's studio goons try to pass the half-hour between NCAA game tip-off's (one of the worst devices in the history of broadcasting), ESPN has the video.

And by the way, while the Heat won, Phoenix showed that they certainly can hang out with Shaq and co.. Think about this: their near-fateful run came partly with Shaq on the floor, and it's just chance that they didn't manage to reel off another one while he was on the bench forever. There's no reason to believe that, if the Suns are in rhythm, they can't make this into a long and perilous playoff series.


At 3/26/2005 4:57 PM, Blogger Brown Recluse, Esq. said...

i almost called you when i saw that play. i had just flipped over from the tourney, and here's flash (still don't like that nickname) snuffing perhaps the most ferocious dunker in the game and then swishing a 3/4 court heave. wow.


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