Play the game like you know

I've spent the last few days trying to figure out my take on the Nuggets, how good they really are, if this could actually have postseason implications.

But I can't, and after watching them on Friday, I can think of only one thing to say.

The Bodie/Melo parallels are too numerous to list. But above all, they're both naturals for the game, and make the most happen when they let it come to them and don't force shit.

You all saw the season three finale. 2006 Bodie takes over a Barksdale empire in shambles, having finally grown into the role he's waited his whole life for. It's his time.

Consider Melo just a little bit ahead of schedule.

I took out the amusing, but unintelligible still from the 'Stop Snitching' DVD, not in the least but it totally fucked up the internal logic of the post. It would have implied that Melo is a natural for hanging out with drug dealers, and that's what's spurred his game on this last month. In other words, it would have been the death of metaphor, and there are plenty better paid people to take care of that for you. I just cash checks.


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