Public enemy #1

I'd rather stand like a man than lie like a bitch
But if you stand on the stand, then you die like a snitch

Purists, start your engines. He's a Bowen-esque snake with a punk-ass, Laimbeerian tough-guy streak. His team seems tailor-made for the playoffs, ready to bring retrograde ball values right to those high-flying, elegant Wizards. They play phenomenal defense and never quit, but dude takes it too far. Don't say he set the tone for taking Arenas out of the game; he dared the refs to cheat him out of it. And then, with the win a foregone conclusion, he emphatically flops right onto Kwame's knee, who then has to be helped off the court (after a particularly encouraging "finally gets it" game).

You can throw yourself around if you're a fearless playmaker like Wade or Iverson, or a scrapper legitimately going for what you believes is yours. But being reckless for the sake of causing havoc and muddling play on the court ain't just dirty, it's retardedly nihilistic. Like bringing bad coke to a party, going raw with a fat girl, and blackmailing that gorilla they taught sign language to—all in one night!!

Thanks for ruining my inaugural Playoffs 2005 weekend, big guy. Why can't you be more of a man, like your gallant countryman Ginobili?


At 4/24/2005 9:10 PM, Blogger Tony Grant said...

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At 4/25/2005 12:46 PM, Anonymous Gorilla Jones said...

Holy crap. I know it sucks to see your team go down but Nocioni's performance on Sunday was magnificent. This is why Bulls fans are sick of hearing every half-assed media head pick the Wizards because of the "insight" that Curry-And-Deng-Are-Hurt. Wizards were whining about Nocioni for days leading up to the game and he came out more fired up than anyone on the court. Eighteen rebounds. Jamison = erased. (It was Duhon, Gordon and Hinrich who took Arenas out of the game. And Arenas himself, because he was just watching Hughes score in the first half.) The game wasn't out of hand on Arenas's charge. It was seven points with one minute left after two missed free throws. Arenas goes up and gets the foul, that's four points with one minute left. Out of hand? And come on, reckless? Jamison and Hughes both picked up four fouls several minutes before he did. It was a charge and if Nocioni planned for Kwame to be right behind him while he was taking the charge then he is a master of geometry. Fact is, it was a charge and Kwame is tissue.

The game was called tight all day (74 year old AD hanging on the rim?!?) and the Bulls won the same way they've won all year, by being more composed than the other team in the last four minutes of the game.

Nocioni set career highs for points and rebounds in his first playoff appearance, scoring from inside and out, played all 48 minutes too. Call him your enemy but he is a man or the word has no meaning.

At 4/25/2005 1:32 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

okay, i admit it. . .that post was a hysterical over-reaction to the bulls' utter domination of the team i'm pulling for. i kind of like nocioni, really, but make me choose between his brand of basketball and arenas's, and i think you know which side i'm going to adamantly take.

the "set the tone for arenas's disappearance/dared the refs to cheat him" comment was actually a backhanded compliment. you could make a great case for him as the leader of that team, since his gutsiness no doubt ups the hustle ante for what's already a team rife with hustle players.

but gilbert's failure to penetrate was at least partly due to the mess nocioni was making down there. i'd still say there were some questionable non-calls, and a few of them involved andres's help. yet the fact of the matter is that, frankly, arenas didn't feel he could get inside, because nocioni made the lane an unsafe, crazy place to be.

plus gilbert did call him out the day before yesterday. you know i've got to factor that in, no matter how much of an irrational reach it might have been.

the kwame thing was a joke. i've always had a soft spot for the kid, and he had some eye-popping plays at the best possible time.

the bulls have a chance to go deep into the playoffs, seriously. they match up favorable with everyone in the east, and, like i said a few weeks ago, could have troubled the heat if curry were playing. would be really interested to see how wade would deal with their defense (or iverson, but he's not making it out of the first round).

nocioni apparently set the all-time rookie record for rebounds in a playoff game. that's no joke, esp. for a small forward.

At 4/25/2005 5:39 PM, Anonymous Gorilla Jones said...

I like the Wiz and I hope they come out of this series well, even though I'm obviously not pulling for them to win. I think everyone is pretty much taking it as a given that Arenas is going to have a monster game on Wednesday. If we do win the series, you're going to see some f'ugly games against Miami where Shaq fouls out all three of our playable big men (Davis, Harrington and Chandler) and Eric Piatowski goes in at power forward (which has happened).

I had to jump at the Nocioni post because Chicago fans over the age of, say, 22 get a little freaked out about even indirect semiotic links to the Bad Boys.

At 4/26/2005 8:13 AM, Blogger Ken said...

Wait, the Bulls didn't retire John Paxson's number?!

Nocioni is playing Bill Laimbeer Combat Basketball out there. I want him on my team.

At 4/26/2005 11:19 PM, Anonymous brickowski said...

why is nocioni still at the top of this page? that was sunday. i came here to talk about T-Mac's coming out party. unreal performance. greatness is emerging, sean bradley's getting straddled and the darko boys have nothing to say about it? slumping.

At 4/27/2005 12:41 AM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

i put up three things on mcgrady this afternoon. . . including an explanation/excuse for "the slump." not sure why you're not seeing them.

At 7/06/2006 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yoou are a stupid, i´m argentinian and I crashed your ass in the olimpik games!!!!!!!!!! PUTO


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