Self-imposed exile

It's becoming abundantly clear to me that I will have no sense of humor until the Wizards are out of the playoffs once and for all. Or maybe it will take the end of the first round, which seems to bring out the NBA know-it-all in me ("all the reasons the Nuggets can beat the Spurs, which the world needs to know. . ."). Once the playing field levels out a little, I should be able to get back to making fun of everyone, instead of subjecting others to pointlessly clever analysis of the Wizards' offense, Nocioni's merits as a player, and what coach will go where and why.

The very great and the very terrible are self-evident and hilarious. In-between, there's too much temptation to prove you can make sense of it all.

This does not bode well for my contributions to FreeDarko's draft coverage.

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