Shredded tire waitin' for AAA blues

Weird time to post, I know. Take it as either an indication of my fanatical devotion to this blog, or proof these things are so mindless that I could fire them off when I'm too stressed to do anything else.

Two things on ESPN Radio, two days apart. Yesterday, that Colin guy in the mid-morning claimed that college football fans like the draft because they're that invested in these players, as opposed to the NBA Draft which no one cares about (players come from nowhere, and with a few years of development being the norm, aren't headed anywhere anytime soon). Then today Wingo, subbing for Patrick (odd how these ESPN personalities almost have to be referred to by full name. Both last alone and first alone sound wrong), wondered aloud at how amazing it would be to watch what goes on in war room on draft day.

Would it kill a team like the Bobcats to show us what's going on behind closed doors while the clock is ticking? They could leave out anything that might potentially show their, or affected deals that could alter the draft order. But just to get a sense of the conversations that go on, how heated they get, how many options they're considering at any given time. . .the Bobcats will probably be picking high enough that they won't exactly be working in realm of the sleeper. To see them react and adjust as other teams make their selections, watch someone be convinced of the majesty of an unknown Euro as time's running out. Would certainly make for some NFL Films-caliber, militarisic drama. Since the draft's a lost cause as far as emotional weight is concerned, why not go the other way and really make it all about the great men forced to do the dirty personnel work.


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