"Who's ugly?!! Who looks like ET??! Who never won a ring?!! Who's Jason Caffey?!! You never heard of me???"

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At 7/14/2005 10:36 AM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

i read one report that said dude was a male stripper. . . just to make the whole thing even more incendiary!!!

At 7/14/2005 1:31 PM, Blogger Ken said...

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At 7/14/2005 1:36 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

i kind of hate this rapid response shit. . i was going to work on a kwame post this afternoon, but by that time, i'm sure this thread will be silly with discussion about him and all my points will be used, my wit, idle. fuck it. i'm on vacation.

in a few weeks i'll be back quicker on the draw than ever.

At 7/14/2005 3:15 PM, Blogger Ken said...

I'll edit my post.

At 7/14/2005 3:16 PM, Blogger Ken said...

That guy has a cut on his eyelid and some dirt on his face. He doesn't look very messed up for someone who brawled with three NBA players.

At 7/14/2005 3:20 PM, Blogger Dr. Lawyer IndianChief said...

Ken...I can almost 65% revoke my Cavs post from yesterday. They're looking GOOD (no Haslem + Antonio Daniels = ECF???).

Secondly, can you think of any trio of PGs/Swingmen you would rather not get in a fight with than Cassell/Payton/Caffey? I think they even knock Artest/FredJones/(Tinsley) out of the box.

At 7/14/2005 3:44 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

where'd you find the daniels news? that's really tight. . .it keeps you from having a situation where hughes and lebron have to fight over who handles the ball. instead, there's a hub things have to go through. you have to think that lakers could use someone similar, esp. since their big ballhandling two are actually selfish.

At 7/14/2005 4:01 PM, Blogger elandfried said...

Yeah, where'd you get the Antonio Daniels thing? Last I heard, they were going after that Lithuanian PG first. Supposedly they are also interested in Antoine Walker. Now THAT would be a horrible signing. I always forget the Cavs have Luke Jackson...wonder if he'll ever become a player.

In case you missed this:

James and Fleisher met with Isiah Thomas at a Manhattan restaurant to finalize the deal and following dinner, James started introducing himself to people outside the establishment, saying, "Hi. I'm Jerome James, the Knicks new starting center."

If I were a Knicks fan and Jerome James said that to me, I'd elbow him in the groin then take Isiah out with an uzi.

At 7/14/2005 4:10 PM, Blogger Ken said...

Yeah, I hope the Antonio Daniels thing happens. Reading these Cavs/Antoine Walker rumors has me nervous.

I wouldn't want to mess with Payton. Did you see the Clooney/J.Lo movie Out of Sight? Don Cheadle IS Gary Payton in that flick.

I think Ricky Davis would beat some ass with a big smile on his face.

At 7/14/2005 4:12 PM, Blogger Ken said...

The Lithuanian guys official homepage:



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