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Dear Reader,

You will notice that the Masters of the Klondike have now taken a back seat to the simplicity of freedarko.com. We have a lot of exciting changes in store for you this month, as we revamp our roster for the coming season.

Today was the debut of Thursdays with Thurl. Thurl Bailer is a valued poet, whose musings on life, love and hoops will be especially valued here at freedarko.com

Also, the ink is just drying on an agreement to have a notable retired professional athlete to serve as freedarko.com's own in-house ombudsman. I can't reveal many details at this time, other than that he is a former professional athlete, not associated with the NBA - but bringing the flavor in a supersaturated blend.

More about Thurl Bailey

Thurl Bailey attended North Carolina State University and was a key player in the ‘Wolfpacks' miracle run to the 1983 NCAA Championship. The Utah Jazz drafted Thurl in 1983 as the 7th pick of the draft. Jazz management reported that he was selected for the quality of his character, as well as, the quality of his game. This was the beginning of 16 years of his playing professional basketball, 12 of those years were with the NBA.

At 6'11", Thurl is often first noticed as a basketball player, but he is a man of as much depth as height. His strong sense of service has led to countless hours of volunteer work and to numerous awards for leadership and contributions to the community. Included in his awards are: the NBA's prestigious Kennedy Community Award, the Utah Association for Gifted Children's Community Service Award, Sigma Gamma Chi fraternity's Exemplary Manhood Award, the Great Salt Lake Council of the Boy Scouts of America's American Champion Award and the Italian League's 1998 All Star Games Most Valuable Player. He has directed basketball camps for youth since 1984 where he teaches young people lessons about life and basketball. Many of his students have special needs including coming from disadvantaged backgrounds or having serious illnesses, and they attend the camps on scholarship.

In addition to professional speaking, Thurl is a broadcast analyst for the Utah Jazz and the University of Utah, an actor, and an award winning singer/song writer. His first album, Faith In Your Heart, is a compilation of uplifting songs that won several top awards. His latest CD, ‘I’m Not The Same’ is released October 2002 with great reviews and is a fusion of original style R&B and nu soul. He is a devoted family man and the father of five children. He and his wife Sindi live in Salt Lake City, Utah with the two youngest children.

[Editor's Note: Cleary, fiction takes a back seat to reality in the world of Thurl.]


At 8/11/2005 2:39 PM, Blogger Dr. Lawyer IndianChief said...


This link actually proves that Thurl's life is bizarrely interesting. He once dumped an Orange Julius on a woman's head for hating on his interracial marriage. He also converted to Mormonism while living in Italy.


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