Don't Want to Sit Down

In sum:

-Today, I had my first post at The Sporting Blog. Big stun, it's about Josh Smith's stat line. Check back for like one a day, and my maiden column coming later this week.

-New Deadspin column up later this afternoon.

-And, a bunch of recent posts you might have missed: Grainy Kids Pistons Rap, LeBron Shock/Awe on the Road, More Unified Style Theory, and Dunk Contest Is the Space of Dreams.


American Justice



At 2/05/2008 3:17 PM, Blogger goathair said...

Where did the Lil' Wayne-esque output come from?

At 2/05/2008 5:50 PM, Blogger Leonardson Saratoga said...

a few things,
first, does Kobe&Lamar&Pau really = Jordan&Pippen&Kukoc as much as I want it to? (granted Pau is much better than Kukoc and Jordan and Pippen are better than Kobe and Lamar, but from a "type of player" standpoint...)


second, I love this trade for the Lakers, because I think it has the potential to put the Lakers "Big 4" in the place they belong. Kobe is the ringmaster, fully planning to dominate each game. Pau is the wildcard sidekick, able to do a little bit of a lot of things, including dominate for small stretches (i never saw Pau as a Top Dog, just didn't work for him), Odom is the athletic 3, able to do many things, including show flashes of brilliance when the D fell asleep on him.

And Bynum is the force of fucking nature that pushes motherfuckers over the top.

At 2/05/2008 8:13 PM, Blogger El Presidente said...

I feel the need to note, on the Shaq to the Suns insanity:

Amare/Shaq > Pau/Bynum?

At 2/05/2008 11:22 PM, Blogger rebar said...

the six points, seven turnovers by KB24 kind of worry me.

bynum and pau would be far superior. both right now and in the near future. that trade would be so fucked up for the suns.


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