Like a big, old, black book with no words

This blog is about the National Basketball Association, and out of respect for its particular mission, I have restrained myself from discussing the University of North Carolina's championship season this year. But, since Rashad McCants officially declared for the NBA Draft yesterday, he's now fair game. The media has loved to scrutinize McCants over his three year career, and he seems primed for a potentially Barkley-esque career in terms of his relations with the media. I doubt McCants will ever be a Top 50 player or throw anyone through a window, but do consider this quotation from yesterday's press conference. It could almost be from a Borges story:

I would say I'm more compared to that one book in the library that stands out, but there's not a name on it. It's just a big, old, black book with no words. You open the book and you start to read and you get more and more interested as you read.

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