Each Day is a Lifetime of Others, 8.4.08

Welcome to the future. From the inner recesses of Shoals's grand imagination comes our version of daily links, a smattering of the outside world, from our perspective. With the millenial progress that the internet and the sports-tubes have made over the past few years, we have made it patently clear that Free Darko is not the source for breaking news or obligatory analysis of the day's events. We do, however, intend to banter appropriately enough on recent topics so that this site expands its reach rather than becoming an excess of my personal mobius strip-like catharsis. So, we're gonna give this a test run as a daily thing and see how it goes. Don't expect them all to be so extensive as this one. Read Shoals's Josh Howard exploration first, then lock arms with us below:

-Lost footage of a 1976 Muhammad Ali roast. There's a lot going here. First of all, Freddie Prinze DESTROYING SHIT. Back in the day comedians had a sense of f--king timing, people. Second, is that Orson Welles? Why is Orson Welles there. Third, Wilt Chamberlain takes the stage around the four-minute mark on some real quasi-Shaq presence. Classic stuff. (Dr. LIC)

-We call Artest crazy, he calls himself ghetto, but the best Ron Ron is when he's legitimately fascinating. Like in this Leader sitdown with SAS. He knew Yao was joking, but still wanted to put it down for his culture, which he then has to, as usual, explain is not the same thing as being a thug. If Ron Artest were actually dumb, he would've been out of the league years ago. Dude is an old style city politician running a global campaign for inner truth and outer recognition. (BS)

-No one likes the big 50 anymore, but when Arroyo goes to Israel, all of sudden you get thoughts of LeBron, scoffing at a potential $40 million a year Greek deal and whistling along to "Not Like Me." It's like the anti-clout. (BS)

Dr. LIC: So many teams need a point guard, and Carlitos can't even get more than 2.5 mil? Dude has become, like the Puerto Rican Steve Francis in terms of a fall from grace.

-Nate Jones respectfully goes toe-to-toe with old fogey, stuck-in-the-past ABA player/lawyer/broadcaster Len Elmore on the age limit, Jennings, and all that jazz. His best point: Sport isn't synonymous with Black higher ed, and to pretend that "student-athletes" should be regarded as potential braintrust is just weird. Of course, there are exceptions. But for the most part, D1 athletes want a shot at the big leagues, and there are others who would be more focused on the student part.

-This bit about J.R. Smith going to the Cavs has got me thinking some fairly outrageous visions. This would be like Ferry's last shot on some so-crazy-it-just-might-work philosophy. I like the idea of Mike Brown letting J.R. be J.R. and hoist eight threes a game while actually doing other important stuff like playing defense. (Dr. LIC)

Shoals: With Delonte West, the Cavs tried to play the "everybody wants to play with LeBron" card. Now, with Ferry going after house favorite J.R. Smith, you've got to ask yourself: Isn't the opposite true? Another superstar would give James a real foundation, and a reason to stay. The eternally-promising Smith, whose stock miraculously neither rose or dropped after his brief, incandescent playoffs, could be broken by it. LBJ is beginning to look like the Godfather of passive-aggressive.

-E-mailed last week:
Shoals: Wait, who was Ricky Davis even on before?
Ty: I don't even know. His own team, maybe

-This bit about Michael Redd changing into a suit in Jerry Colangelo's hotel room is a bit too "shine ya shoes?" disturbing. It's really sad too, because Redd was obviously the first f--king guy they should have called after the 2004 Bronze debacle. What the hell does a guy like Redd need to audition for? Also, I'm getting damn tired of all the (impending) stories on Colangelo/Coach K as the driving forces behind Team USA's (golden) turnaround. Let's make no bones about it, there is no bigger motivator than embarrassment, and that avoidance of that emotion will be the sole reason why Team USA takes gold. (Dr. LIC)

-This story is old and I think Henry shouted it out a while back, but this quote highlights why Rodney Carney is my new favorite Timberwolf despite not having even played a summer league game:

"The way I look at it is, they traded me and Booth to get Elton Brand," Carney said. "So I say I got traded for Elton Brand. You put it that way, it sounds pretty good." (Dr. LIC)

-This is my friend Denzil's Knicks Blog. Some great stuff on here, making me really want to do a roundtable with insane Knicks bloggers once the season rolls around. Also, guy has taken to calling himself Denzillo Galinari. lolz. (Dr. LIC)

-Finally, the best Nas track post-Illmatic. I know it's been around for a second on that Green Lantern mixtape, but this version is NO-DJ (A "Five Heartbeats" reference? Over.) (Dr. LIC)

-Stay fresh to death. Plus an informal Spirits archive (BS).

-I 've been visiting with the Blue Angels all weekend, and have to say: I don't really see the big deal with "liberal fascism". Aesthetics sells. So does power and weapons and guns. And football and tits. The problem with the left is that, outside of the Panthers, no one ever realized this. I have no problem with shit that looks like Triumph of the Will as long as its pure salesmanship, with somewhat unremarkable centrism underneath. Does that make me evil? (BS)



At 8/04/2008 1:07 PM, Blogger Cornell Lolz said...

Minor Quibble: Carlos's 2.5 mil is after taxes. Which ends up at about 5 mil in the NBA. That's a lot of shekels, which coincidentally is at an all time high against the dollar.


At 8/04/2008 1:47 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

I keep re-writing my response to Nate's post. I think I'm happy with it now.

At 8/04/2008 2:11 PM, Blogger Brown Recluse, Esq. said...

I really want J.R. Smith to become a better version of Deshawn Stevenson, i.e., he starts playing defense, but doesn't change his offensive game at all.

At 8/04/2008 2:37 PM, Blogger Bhel Atlantic said...

To me, the question is, why didn't Redd have the common sense to change into his suit before he got to Colangelo's hotel room? If you intend to make the effort to look sharp, why be so gully about it?

At 8/04/2008 3:03 PM, Blogger Dr. Lawyer IndianChief said...

also, isn't it kind of hard to just quickly jump into a suit? did he tie a tie as well? i want to know whether colangelo started getting suspicious if redd was taking an extra-long time in his hotel room bathroom.

At 8/04/2008 4:34 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Back in the day, the smart ones all wanted to tell you about "how AI did it single handedly" while trying to bury the fact that he also had a DPotY, SMotY, and CotY on his side during that magnificent run. I bring this up because the argument with AI was "if only they could surround him with better talent" well he has had a near all star cast in Denver but the sum of his parts still is equal to what it was in Philly despite "inferior role players" he had to play with in Philly.

What if, this is all that there is to Lebron? What if like AI, he has peaked? I mean he is freaking fucking Awesome as is but what if like AI, Lebron without ball dominance is more Matrix than Oscar?

All the truly great ones, all learned to play without the ball, hence MJ had Pippen running point and Rodman checking the boards, while he clamped down on D to the keep the other team's guards out of the paint. Shaq and Kobe had help but also fed of each other with a high low game. With Lebron, it seems to be either/or, either give the ball to Lebron and watch him wreck havoc or give it to the team and hope they can turn this milk into butter. Why can't both happen simultaneously?

Like AI, it seems regardless of whom you put beside LBJ, they all appear to be loafing, is it because his game makes them that way or is it because they are the wrong type of talent mix for the team?

The question is who then is the right player to place beside Lebron? You cannot play LBJ, Lamar and Pau together because Lamar's game is actually a heavily diluted form of LBJs. You would end up with too many playmakers not enough finishers. How about LBJ, Nash and Amare? Since LBJ has no post up moves, he will have to play floater, which is fine enough for highflying dunks but what is Amare going to be doing? He also likes the space to play the lobes.

The closest thing to a working relationship could be LBJ, Mike Redd and either Boozer or Brand, this is of course the perfect scenario with every role defined and most offensive sets covered but life hardly gives one the nuts and nutcracker at the same time.

At 8/04/2008 4:34 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

it seems like a really strange incident with too many unanswered questions. what was redd wearing before the suit and tie that was so offensive? why is colangelo so fond of the incident?

also, nice dan gladden pic.

At 8/04/2008 4:43 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

@ browny: while those sixers did have mckie and mutombo, that was pretty much it. theo ratliff was their second leading scorer (avg wise) during the year but he was hurt through the playoffs.

and i don;t think lebron has anyone comparable to mutombo or mckie on that team. certainly losing boozer was a huge mistake. i think mike brown hasn't really employed lebron or the cavs in a way that will make that will make them able to win a title yet.

At 8/04/2008 5:46 PM, Blogger Bhel Atlantic said...

Quantavius, Ratliff was traded away from Philly (in February '01, before the big playoff run) for Mutombo. Interesting that Iverson played with not one but two of the top defensive centers in the game (Mourning was out of action that year) on his way to the Finals.

At 8/05/2008 4:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

two thumbs up on the links post, esp. the Nas track and Ty's "I don't even know. His own team, maybe?"
That slayed me.


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