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Good afternoon sportsfans,

As few of you know, I am a couple months away from completing my Ph.D. in psychology. Before I do so, however, I could really use your help with one of my research projects. I am conducting a 5-8 minute study online and I need as many people to participate as possible.

There IS a sports component to this study and I think that you will find it interesting. The only rules for participation are:

1. You cannot be a relative or close friend of mine (you will know too much about my research)
2. You must be 18 years of age or older and be fluent in English.
3. You can only take the study once. Only once.
4. You cannot discuss the study in the comments.

I will make the findings known once I get enough participants.

Oh, one more thing....you won't be asked to give any identifying information except for age and gender. Your identities will be completely confidential.

Eternally grateful for your help,

UPDATE: Response was overwhelming and so many people participated that the survey is now closed. Thank you so much for your help. Results coming soon.

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At 3/14/2009 10:37 PM, Blogger jawaan oldham said...

Good luck with the study, Doctor.

At 3/14/2009 10:55 PM, Blogger Dan said...

Having filled out the study I'm curious to know what it is about. If you feel comfortable sharing what element of my psycology was being tested email me(I believe you as the poster can see my email),I'd be very interested to know. Otherwise I guess I'll have to wait until you have enough participants.

At 3/14/2009 11:23 PM, Blogger roland major said...

obviously a ruse designed so that FD can obtain psychological & demographic info to apply to the advertising widgets

At 3/14/2009 11:40 PM, Blogger Anthony Wilson said...

Shoot me the same e-mail you'll send Dan if you do decide to be so kind.

At 3/15/2009 12:04 AM, Blogger protocoach said...

Survey taken. Interest awakened. Un correo electronico, por favor, si es posible, de la tema de su estudio.

At 3/15/2009 2:49 PM, Blogger David said...

I'm curious what kind of study you are conducting such that you are still gathering raw data just a "couple of months away" from completion. IS it for confirmation of theories already developed? I seem to remember my last six months was spent writing up, polishing my prose till it gleamed, and doing endless diagrams and mounting photos. Mind you, this was 20 years ago, before Word, Powerpoint et al. Excel was a godsend for all those graphs.....

At 3/15/2009 3:13 PM, Blogger Dr. Lawyer IndianChief said...

i'll be looking at the data over the next few days, but if anyone has questions before then, shoot me an email at uchicagostudies@gmail.com

re: David, the truth is, my dissertation is essentially done. this data would just be "icing on the top" that would help bolster a lot of the claims that I make and would help me in my defense.

At 3/15/2009 7:51 PM, Blogger Jim said...

So would this make you Doctor Doctor Lawyer IndianChief?

At 3/16/2009 12:20 PM, Blogger sam said...


At 3/16/2009 5:11 PM, Blogger breene said...

Woulda done it, DLIC but apparently you don't need more. Side question, did your handle come from "Evidence of Things Unseen"? Don't know if I'm late to the party on this but I have been wanting to ask you for a while.

At 6/14/2013 6:48 PM, Blogger Jim Philips said...

I think that it is great and I hope that you can succeed in it. I will try to let people at Host PPH community know about it.


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