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We're traveling light this week on FDPTDOCNBAP, as Dan and myself sit down with the mighty Kevin Pelton to talk about what we got wrong about the playoffs. The ray of hope comes when we stop to marvel at the that great variegated snake we call the Orlando Magic. Then at the end we ponder what could cause the age limit to change, how it's bad for standardized testing and college admissions counselors everywhere. If you enjoy it, be sure and check for the DoC mini-sodes, which strike without warning and address the day's events as they happen.

The Podcast:


1. "All Wrong" - Morphine
2. "Magic Pig Detective" - Melvins
3. "Shoot Your Shot" - James Brown
4. "Hot Freaks" - Guided by Voices
5. "Old School Rules" - Dangerdoom featuring Talib Kewli

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-Ziller send this Journal Times passaage along, with the subject head "Z RAMIFICATIONS": "The last word goes to Louisville Terrance Williams who, when asked what his natural position was, said: "I think like a point guard, but I have the size like a 3. So I guess I'm a 2.''"

-I fully support this effort to archive and create nicknames that aren't just a celebration of phonetics.

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At 5/29/2009 4:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MF Doom + DangerMouse = God

At 5/30/2009 2:15 AM, Blogger Joey said...

God? Really? I thought Dangerdoom was mediocre at best. "Old School" happens to have an ill beat, but the album was so up and down. Not so great when a rap record's highlights include an ATHF clip. Though I do love ATHF.

That nickname website's proprietors hopefully read FD, because I don't see how to contact them and I'd hope for them to feature one of my favorite nicknames: Tom "The Destroyer" Hammonds. I would bet that came from either a SportsCenter anchor or Jason Jackson on the NBA 2Nite, and I'd imagine it was a joke since they used to call the streetballer Joe Hammond the same nickname.

Also, I know that Jud Buechler was called "the Judge," but wasn't he also called "the Technician"? Am I the only person who remembers that? I hope not.

At 5/30/2009 4:14 AM, Blogger Phoebus said...

had nowhere else to leave this when it occured to me, so... isn't Kobe embellishing the idea of him we were supposed to get from Kobe doin work, like, a LOT? I've seen players be quasi-coaches-on-the-floor before but he seemed to be hammering that point home harder than necessary (which is just kobe being kobe). plus, the "phil and i call the same plays sometimes" comment. all of which begs the question that once his playing days are through, he's going to be angling for a coaching position but fast.

At 5/30/2009 4:17 AM, Blogger Phoebus said...

aw shit got it! that's what he cares bout: being better than MJ. and that's how you do it: win 4 rings to MJs 6 but THEN GO ON TO BE A RING-WINNING EX-PLAYER COACH.

At 5/31/2009 6:31 AM, Blogger Kaifa said...

Since you are quite heavily invested in J.R. Smith, I found this interesting tidbid about him that I didn't know beforehand:

"His father, Earl Smith, helped keep Smith from getting caught up in the nightlife away from the court that can derail even the most promising player's career. When Smith's rookie season ended his father took him to the NBA Finals where Smith saw Manu Ginobili put on a show.

It was Manu's performance that was really eye-opening for Smith. Manu dominated at times, playing the same position as Smith and doing so while coming off the bench. It wasn't just by scoring either, Manu did it all and the Spurs ended up winning the O'Brien trophy that year. At the time Smith talked about how impressed he was and how much it motivated him, but he was going to have to put in the same kind of work that Manu did in order to be as successful."



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