A league of his own

shoefly brought this to our attention, but i think the whole wide world deserves to understand:

This fucker could be an honorary master of the klondike if he wasn't too off the wall for us!

Adam (Burlington, VT): Bill - Thanks for taking our questions! I just want to see the big man's view on the Steve Nash for MVP talk...Does he have a chance at the MVP against a guy like Duncan or KG?

SportsNation Bill Walton: (3:37 PM ET ) Steve Nash right now IS the league's MVP. They never lose when he plays ... theynever win when he doesn't play. There is no greater evidence for what makes the league's MVP. Steve Nash reminds me so much of what happned to me early this week in Memphis for MLK Jr. celebrations. As I was leaving Graceland on my pilgimmage to see Elvis the song Graceland by Paul Simon -- who is already in the Hall of Fame of everything, particularly life -- he is just like Steve Nash. Paul and Steve, small in stature, but huge in persona. They make all others play their game with vision, imagination, creativity, peak performance and the courage to stand up to the biggest bullies in the land. The comparisons between Paul Simon and Steve Nash are eerie. The statistical analysis of what Nash has done for the Suns makes him, hands down, the MVP. But this award is not voted on until the last day of the regular season and we are not even half way gone. With Steve this a.m. it appears as if he IS going to play tonight, but, wisely, the Suns will wait and make a gametime decision. This is a great franchise and they realize that this is not about a short-term fix of a five game losing streak. This is about the big picture and going for it all. They can change the future of basketball and I couldn't be happier for what is going on here in the Valley of the Sun ... where today there is no sun. But with the heavy rains behind us, look for the spring bloom to be extraordinary, much the way Steve Nash has sewn the seeds of an uplifting and positive liberation in the course of NBA history.


At 1/22/2005 12:52 PM, Blogger SilverBird5000 said...

This is the greatest thing i've seen since 'the italian job'.
if only walton could always write instead of speak, the world would blossom like a flower in the sparkling hellfire of his language. god save bill walton. god save us all.


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