Public Discourse on Free Darko Petition

The Masters of the Klondike held a symposium this evening to discuss their efforts to Free Darko Milicic from the oppression of the World Champion Detroit Pistons. The following is a log of their discussion:

El Huracan Andreo
if anyone is so inclined, i need the body text for a online petition to free darko milicic.

this will be one of the feature portions of our blog and will hopefully increase site traffic big time.

check out www.petitiononline.com, as they will be hosting our darko petition.

bethlehem shoals
shoefly. i think you're clearly the man to draft a free darko petition.

this does have me wondering, though, why it's darko we're trying to free. i like skita's game more. zarko's name is better. did anyone see sasha vujavic light it up for one quarter of joy last night?

then again, darko is the most poignant example, and the most high-profile. he is the standard by which all other sadness must be measured.

I guess I'll try to knock off a free darko piece. Should it just be that darko is in binds and needs the freedom to show his stuff? The problem is I'm going to have a hard time bashing Larry Brown, the Jewish answer to Red Aurbauch. Would anybody object if I make it an anti Rasheed Wallace argument?

bethlehem shoals
larry brown's judaism. i have always wrestled with it. i want jews to do things i like, but brown's recent career seems to have been a study in the current tensions between blacks and my flock of native finery. i prefer to believe that lenny wilkins is jewish, despite all evidence to the contrary.

perhaps brown is taking out some age-old grudge against the slavic darko. though i don't think the pograms were a balkan phenomenon.

no sheed bashing. even if i like crazy old sheed far more than functional, selfless sheed, i can't forget the magic he helped us cup.

that refers to the blazers of 2000 till infinity, not his time in chapel hill. i can't really claim CH, since i only even bother to follow the team insofar as many of them will figure prominently in NBA DRAFT 2005!!!!!!


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