FBP Update

Dateline, TNT--Grant Hill touched our souls with the story of his multiple recoveries, as well as some gratuitous shots of him getting it done for Habitat for Humanity.

But that was nothing compared to Ray Allen, who referenced an earlier interview while talking with Cheryl Miller ("as I was saying earlier today"--the stuff a coherent campaign message is made of!) and then formally refuted accusations that a half-court shot in practice was rigged ("I don't even no how you would rig that"). Pay attention people, this is history in the making.

Update: Ray Ray and Hill just took the stage to make a plea, in tandem, for charity at home and abroad. They were trying to one-up each other, seeing who could show he cared without jeopardizing his statesman's poise. By the end, I was in such a tizzy that I can't remember which one actually got the honor of introducing the Goo Goo Dolls!