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Well, as you all noticed - the petition was down for a few days. As is, if you signed before you're going to have to sign again. Sorry. But there are a few new improvements.

And an excuse. Seems like Petitiononline.com doesn't like anonymous names like "The Masters of the Klondike". What is anonymous about that? We are Masters... and we are of the Klondike.

I would even submit to your attention that common names like "John Holmes" or "Timothy Trocadero" have less meaning. Excluding Darko Milosevic of course.

Free Darko Petition

Oh, and the Masters of the Klondike would like to give a shout out to Brett Wallin and his Crew in Meeeshagan. Word Brett. We feel Darko, too. Pistons fans like you all need to grassroots the freedom movement.

As Darko said, "90% of life is just showing up."


At 2/25/2005 1:07 PM, Anonymous Bret said...

Here's another grassroots movement... from the man himself!


It's a rematch of the Finals tonight and Chris Mihm is in way over his head.

-Bret Wallin


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