Fans are punks

I know this is a NBA blog, but for christ's sake. Players don't owe you shit. It's not your game, it's theirs. You're not supporting the sport by showing up--you were lucky enough to get tickets. They shouldn't be thankful to you for making them multi-millionaires; they get that money because, compared to you, they are gods among men. You aren't shit.

What would you do?

Quoth Wilbon: "I'm a grown man. And if someone comes in my space, I'm going to shove them out."

Throw a beer at me on the street and I'll flip out. Run at me in the middle of an agitated crowd and I'll probably try and take a swing at you. Sheffield said he had Artest on his mind; if anything, this latest, less ambiguous player/fan dust-up makes it clear just how little really needed to be said about Haymaker Hills.


At 4/16/2005 7:45 AM, Blogger beez said...

Hey come on, whats a sports brawl without pictures/video/animated gifs to prove it? Like special ed, I want Akshun!


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