Out with the old, in with the bleu

On last night's Daily Show (I caught the rerun), Reggie Miller stopped by as part of his surprisingly good-natured New York farewell tour. He never let it get to him when Garden fans yelled "Reggie sucks!," because "they didn't say what I was sucking."

Proof that I live and die by the NBA: as soon as the ink had dried on UNC's championship, I was thinking D-R-A-F-T. Namely, how good are the members of this "team of five future pros" actually going to be? Rather than bore you with my oh-so fallible Ben Gordon supposition (if a guard can score at will in college, he's got to be able to do something in the pros) (fuck Joe Forte), or open the door to doubts about May, I'll leave you with one thought: those UNC players all had to play on the same team. There are limits to how much offense you can produce in the college game. What they've been saying about Marvin Williams is true for McCants, Felton, maybe even May—put them on a thinner squad, and they'd probably flat-out dominate.

We're all used to college basketball producing the illusion of greatness. Why couldn't it also work the other way, masking a star-in-the-making? Wade was the shit in college, but did anyone think he'd be this phenomenal in the league? Need I invoke the name of Gilbert Arenas, too?

I should qualify this by reminding you all that I know nothing about college basketball. But if the message rings true, it shouldn't matter if the messanger is lying when he says it.


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