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Realistically, I should have devoted an entire blog to the Timberwolves amazing collapse this year (www.samcassellhasoneleg.com, www.wallyisastiff.com, www.hudsonsux.com, www.eddiegriffinisdepressed.com).

When the worst starting point guard in the league, Tyronn Lue, legitimately states, "I guess it was the best quarter I ever had," against your team, all you can do is close your eyes and dream of better days.



At 4/11/2005 10:34 AM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

Proof that there is a FreeDarko god, a ghost in the blog, etc. Here is a slightly edited version of an email exchange that took place between THC and myself last night:


out of respect, i'm not saying this on the blog. but do you really think marbury and garnett would have been all that useful as a longterm dynasty? would steph have been a different player if he'd came up with garnnett?

i don't know. not to rain on even your hypothetical parade, but it's really the joe smith fiasco that killed things, not losing marbury.

maybe the "out of respect" was needless. it's not like i think it's that outrageous. but i don't want to muddle the sheer wistful joy of what could have been that pervades your post.


you should say it on the blog because it's a great point...

the marbury that we know today is absolutely incapable of winning shit.  i just looked at his stats this year and they are FUCKING INCREDIBLE.  complete with high shooting percentage...but he will forever be the guy with great stats and "loser" status...

but i do think that if the kg-starbury experiment had time to blossom, we might see steph turn into a 14 and 9 guy, rather than a 20 and 8 guy.  plus, no doubt they could have attracted some better free agents...

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