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Failed Experiment Pt. 1. Myself, B-Shoals, and B-Cluse, attempted to engage in a group blogging of the second half of the Mavs/Sonics game last night (which descended into Sportscenter). Next time, we will be a) high b) prepared with better discussion topics, c) funnier and more charming, d) not watching such a boring game. Enjoy the highlights:

THC: webber = done
B-Shoals: i hate to say it, but yeah
THC: his heart has been smashed
Brown Recluse: by tyra banks?
B-Shoals: he should be able to become the black vlade, no problem

B-Shoals: did you see that little shake
B-Shoals: was that jerome james
B-Shoals: all he did was wiggle his ass
Brown Recluse: what's up with jerome james? he's another guy that only plays when he feels like
B-Shoals: "if you can do it once, why can't you do it every single game?"-walton
B-Shoals: wilt: 100.0 ppg for career
Brown Recluse: is there any real difference between dampier, jerome james, and mark blount?

THC: somewhere in serbia
THC: there is a blog
THC: freerobertswift.com
Brown Recluse: dude, he's supposed to be the starter next year
THC: dude actually has played well in garbage time
Brown Recluse: wikki wikki rob s-s-s-s-wift wikki wikki

Brown Recluse: does keith van horn help or hinder the mavs' blackness? i think his impact is neutral
B-Shoals: the fact that they can surmount it makes them even blacker
THC: he is having a rebirth
THC: all he needed was someone to say
THC: you're the poor man's dirk
THC: now play that way
THC: and then...all pressure was off
THC: van horn has tried to dunk too much ever since he got on the mavs
B-Shoals: feel the blackness

B-Shoals: who would you rather hit the club with
B-Shoals: terry or lewis?
Brown Recluse: terry
THC: terry
THC: easy
THC: 'shard is too nice
B-Shoals: who would you rather be at the club, terry or lewis?
THC: terry
THC: he'd probably do some dumb shit
Brown Recluse: lewis is more enigmatic
THC: true
B-Shoals: terry reminds me of webster
Brown Recluse: emmanuel lewis
THC: i'd like to see lewis at a shins concert
THC: and i dont even like the shins that much
B-Shoals: are you expecting to?
THC: no
THC: i'm just saying
THC: rather see terry at the club
THC: lewis at the shins joint
THC: who in the nba listens to the shins realistically
Brown Recluse: nash?
B-Shoals: too easy
Brown Recluse: anderson varejao?
B-Shoals: nash is clearly the only basketball player i could ever really relate to
THC: i think nash listens to shit like the stones
THC: i bet
THC: i know dirk listens to them
Brown Recluse: that's because dirk's a german redneck

Brown Recluse: i love larry hughes
B-Shoals: who is hughes like?
B-Shoals: poor man's _______
Brown Recluse: kobe?
THC: hmm
THC: thats tough
THC: yeah
THC: kobe
B-Shoals: that is really amazing
B-Shoals: he could get paaaaaid this summer
THC: him
B-Shoals: but i think he's staying in washington
THC: joe johnson
THC: stromile swift
THC: chandler
B-Shoals: curry?
B-Shoals: DEAD

B-Shoals: what team do you watch while fucking?
B-Shoals: new look warriors?
THC: wizards on mute
THC: now we're getting somewhere
B-Shoals: their low post game would be a drag
Brown Recluse: i honestly can't think of an answer for that question
B-Shoals: i would get angry and preoccupied
Brown Recluse: i need a few minutes
Brown Recluse: to think of an answer, not to fuck
B-Shoals: i like the wizards too much, anyway
Brown Recluse: depends on the kind of sex, i'd think
THC: i would probably go limp watching the t-wolves
B-Shoals: nuggets might work
THC: nuggets remind me of hooker sex
B-Shoals: they are definitely not date material
Brown Recluse: i'd feel kind of gay watching basketball while fucking, well either very gay or very hetero
B-Shoals: you're not actually watching it
THC: wnba
B-Shoals: it's like background music
Brown Recluse: still gay
Brown Recluse: wnba
B-Shoals: so that means "top model" is ideal fucking tv?
B-Shoals: by that logic?
Brown Recluse: yeah, background music...would it really matter? i mean, i like the concept of your question, but i can't make it make actual sense in my brain
B-Shoals: that's like saying "i only listen to music by chicks when fucking"

B-Shoals: who would you rather go on a road trip with
B-Shoals: jr or josh smith?
Brown Recluse: josh smith seems kind of boring. i'd go with jr.
THC: no way
B-Shoals: who would you rather star in a remake of the virgin suicides with, jr or josh?
Brown Recluse: in the josh hartnett role?
Brown Recluse: am i in the movie?
B-Shoals: yeah, and you'd be one of the other guys
Brown Recluse: josh smith

THC: this new beanie sigel is decent
Brown Recluse: my wife's last name is sigel
B-Shoals: is she a jew?
THC: thats some real jewish shit
Brown Recluse: no, i told her it was a jewish name, but she didn't believe me
THC: which nba player has a jewish wife?
Brown Recluse: glen rice?
B-Shoals: malik rose
THC: adonal foyle
Brown Recluse: ah...
Brown Recluse: do they fuck to the shins?
THC: more jewish:
THC: marc stein or david stern?
Brown Recluse: stern
B-Shoals: STERN
B-Shoals: the original elder of zion
Brown Recluse: i'm not the expert on judaism, though
THC: it's ok
Brown Recluse: stern seems way more jewish, though
B-Shoals: stein is jewish by default
Brown Recluse: when are they going to show those kg highlights so i can go to sleep?
B-Shoals: stern is a monster of culture
B-Shoals: not just some dork

B-Shoals: god, the wolves look like shit even when they win
THC: yeah
THC: every shot kg takes is harder than it needs to be
Brown Recluse: i'm blacker than the black dudes on espn

B-Shoals: show our brilliance
THC: i'll try to rep us well
Brown Recluse: show our brazilians


At 4/14/2005 4:48 PM, Blogger Ken said...

Luke Jackson and Dan Dickau might be into the Shins.

At 4/14/2005 4:59 PM, Blogger adamvizer said...

I would actually think Phish...Northwestern US

At 4/15/2005 8:45 AM, Blogger Ken said...

The Shins are from New Mexico but they're out of Portland now, I think you're right about those guys being into Phish/pot at some point.


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