Welcome to TNT's Studio A

Your club house, oval office, crack den, situation room, locker room, pet store, and ICU for the next month plus.


At 4/25/2005 12:33 PM, Blogger Ken said...

I want a TNT sports network. I know it'd be hard to recreate the magic they have with Chuck in other sports, but i'd like to see them try. Even outside of the studio, they have the best play-by-play guys and great presentation.

There needs to be a TNT Basketball video game.

At 4/25/2005 12:34 PM, Blogger Ken said...

"magic" pun not intended

At 4/25/2005 1:37 PM, Blogger beez said...

Maaaaaan it sucks here. We're gonna have one game per week on TV throughout the playoffs. Fucking fuck fuck fucks at Five. Damn.


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