Why they need BK behind them

Let me save you the trouble: what the Nets want you to believe is Hova's team-spirit remake of "The Takeover" is actually Chris and Neef trying to string together basic facts about the team over said track. I've never heard rappers make basketball sound so distant and alien to them. By the end, things have gotten so typically vague and disjointed that it might as well be yet another, unintentionally ironic "Young Gunz are definitely in the building" anti-anthem. Who is "Smith?" Doesn't it seem physically impossible for the Roc's favorite teens and Uncle Cliffy to be alive in the same century, much less united by a common cause? Wouldn't a version that actually gave a fuck acknowledge that the Nets are feisty underdogs? No team can really claim takeover as long as Shaq's in the league, but an eighth seed about to meet the Diesel head-on in round one?

Nevermind the fact that the Nets have no fans in South Jersey, which makes it totally implausible that two Philly cats would care about the team's postseason hopes and hallowed recent history. Plus AI means so much more to that city than basketball, pulling for anyone but the Sixers is close to treason; luckily, the Nets are literally nothing more than some highly paid athletes participating in organized competition on a basketball court, so the Gunnerz are probably safe in the streets.

Come to think of it, the Nets don't even have North Jersey support.

Drop that team in Brooklyn, though, and come playoff time you'd have the sickest possee cut of this young century. Airwaves on lock. None of this "exclusive download" shit.

Here's the link, in case I haven't thoroughly discouraged you:

Maybe next year


At 4/30/2005 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hit game 3 with a friend of mine, and the Nets trying to push "The Takeover" as the theme with their branded Thunderstix, t-shirts, and Jay and Ludacris (along with Strahan and Shockey) in the front row was a bit much. I have to say, Nets fans are the most beaten fans I've ever seen -- the arena had people streaming out before OT, much less before Vince's ping-ponging jumper drove it to 2OT.

My friend and I were sitting next to a woman with a joenetsfan.com t-shirt who looked absolutely despondant after the game... these people EXPECTED to lose. Kinda sucked.

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