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Blogging etiquette reminds us that if it has been said better than we could say it ourselves, it bears reposting. This is from Wizznutzz after Game 5 of the Wiz-Bulls series, but after Gilbert Arenas' monster game-changing block on Kirk Hinrich, it is applicable eternally:

"Gilbert [Arenas] is Crispin Glover crazy! He is 1st team All-Margot Kidder crazy. When Pat O'Brien calls Gilbert he doesn’t even have to say "I wanna get crazy with you" because the crazy part is just understood. He was a man when he had to be, and a sweet child at the press conference."

While this might beg for a separate post, I am proposing a variation on the hoops/music blah-ness. Your unofficial round 1 playoffs soundtrack. Put Kerr, Walton, and the boys on mute:

Suns/Grizzlies - James Brown: In the Jungle Groove. JB is always standard for high-light reel type stuff.

Wiz/Bulls - The Stooges: Fun House. Self-explanatory

Spurs/Nugs - DJ Shadow: Endtroducing. This series felt cold and somewhat sterile to me, yet it also managed to evolve and maintain intrigue. And there was something slightly geeky to the whole thing as well. Also something very "white" about it.

Sixers/Pistons - Donny Hathaway: These Songs for You Live. This is the soundtrack to Allen Iverson's life. He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

Nets/Heat - Willie Colon/Hector Lavoe: Lo Mato Si No Compra Este. Because this series was alllllllllll South Beach.

Sonics/Kings - Common Sense: Resurrection. FBP's theme music.

Pacers/Celtics - Danzig: Danzig 4. Shit is straight ugly, and everyone has a bad attitude.

Mavs/Rockets - Love: Forever Changes. Just because it's the type of thing you play on a Texas roadtrip. And the title is sort of silly-ly apt.


At 5/07/2005 1:56 AM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

that was brilliant, and of course it made my heart sing to see the wizards series compared to my favorite album ever.

i sometimes why wonder why i'm so opposed to the music/hoops thing. . . it obviously strikes a chord with me, and this blog has proven time and time again to be fucking geniuses with it. i guess i just don't like it when it's done with wack music, or by people who seem to not really understand music. i would be very interested to see it done by someone who knew their music but barely got hoops.

i had actually made a special trip home to type something, anything about the wizards win--seems like they won by doing, game-narrative wise, what the bulls had done in all other ones: wait till the very end to find their rhythm and steal the win. as soon as the game ended i went out and ended up surrounded by people who would've been offended if i said anything about sports. i kept it all on the inside.

though i wonder what would have happened if arenas's thrown ball at the buzzer had gone out of bounds before the clock read all zeroes. if the bulls had gotten it out of bounds with time for one shot, made it, won in overtime, and sent it back for a game 7?

"that gilbert is so crazy!" [no big deal]

then he'd drop 40 on sunday and reclaim his signature series as a pro in grand, grand fashion. this is the most complex playoff coming out party for an athlete i've ever seen.

At 5/07/2005 2:03 AM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

also, the wtf quote of the series:

"I don't want to say 'fell apart,' but we dismantled at the end," Hinrich said.

At 5/07/2005 11:08 AM, Blogger Dr. Lawyer IndianChief said...

MY wtf quote of the series goes to Walton: "The Bulls are playing the way Scott Skiles lives his life."

what--disjointedly, inattentive to detail, defensively, and recklessly?

also, i think i hate the music/hoops thing for the same reason i hate people saying sports is a metaphor for life, or art is a metaphor for life. neither is true, and neither art nor sports are metaphors for each other. but we at freedarko still remain thorough enough to kill shit on a daily basis.

At 5/07/2005 9:04 PM, Anonymous Gorilla Jones said...

How did Bill Walton get back into announcing? I thought a nice, solid consensus had been developed about that. Maybe I've just been lucky enough to miss the games where he was involved in anything other than the halftime show.

That Arenas block was phenomenal. Hinrich was ragged at the end - picked up a black eye somewhere. He'll do whatever he's asked, but he's not built to carry a team for 48 minutes. As a Bulls fan, I can only hope that Gordon develops some kind of chip on his shoulder about having effectively missed this game. Good luck to the Wiz, hope they can take at least a couple games out of the Miami series that they're happy with.

Excellent assessment of Darko's current mood.


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