The old, scarred FreeDarko mailbag

I'm not really sure that we even have a mailbag—more a gmail account that some of us occasionally remember to look at. Today in said account, though, I found the following (two day-old) gem from FreeDarko reader Sasha:

Dixon, who just went berzerk for 35pts on 10-13 shooting and 10-10
from the line, specifically mentioned reading the "Amazingly Sucky
Juan Dixon" thread on the Wizards forum at RealGM.com as his

Nevermind that no multi-millionaire athlete should look to RealGM for validation; who the hell feels that being called "amazingly sucky" is a challenge they have to answer? There's a reason why trash-talking is an art. . .


At 5/05/2005 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and I thought I got no love.

Good article in the Baltimore Sun talking about it. Mmm, validation.



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