Basketball Hell

Pardon my absence. In addition to being away coaching at the FreeDarko Summer League for Slovenian youth, I have been steeped in a puddle of NBAnger. I'm not going to lie to you. The Spurs winning the championship really effed with my head. (Quick disclaimer that this is not a fair and balanced look on things. This is the post of an angry Timberwolves fan). Having to listen to Ginobili being called "Jordanesque" and "the best player in the world" (thanks Walton) was mindnumbing. Wading through the "Duncan is the best PF of all time-wait, no he's not-wait, wait, after that 6-for-18 he threw up in the second half of Game 7, YES! Yes, he is the best PF of all time, phew" was painful. Robert Horry being snubbed for Finals MVP was outrageous, and having him being dubbed a hall-of-famer even moreso. On top of that, 'Sheed pulled a choke job by taking himself out of game 7 in the first few minutes with foul trouble. See, people always talk about the pressure getting to players in the last few minutes. I believe the Pistons came OUT shook, played overanxiously, and committed stupid fouls in the first few minutes, dooming themselves for the rest of the night.

Then there are those Wolves. Forget the fact that the one standup guy on the team, Fred Hoiberg, just underwent career threatening heart surgery. This team is a mess. They engaged in one of the most pathetic coaching searches of all time, didn't even put Eric Musselman's name on the table, and got well, an unproven guy who at least is not PJ Carlesimo. By the way, there is a ton that I like about Dwane Casey, mostly the fact that he once gave $1000 in cash to Chris Mills while at Kentucky and is strongly affiliated with one of Minnesota's most scandalous heartbreakers, Clem Haskins. On top of that, he dresses like a pimp (THIS IS A LEAGUE OF STYLE):

Then, there's the enigmatic draft pick. There's too much TarHeel blood on this website to really raise a fuss, but I wanted Granger. I'll just leave it at that. These are trying times for my soul. I'm also pissed that Greg Oden has committed to Ohio State and that Nate Robinson got traded FROM Phoenix. I would have bought season tickets and moved in with someone's grandmother to see that team in action.


At 6/30/2005 12:45 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

i don't know if any of this makes you feel any better, but looking over insidehoops today (as i'm sure you already have), i found some things particularly relevant to your t-wolves post-draft malaise (i really should have called yesterday's "post-drafto."_

-granger seems like he's the next dwight howard, smart outgoing christian-wise

-your once and future boy rashad (get used to it!) already has a nike contract. first rook to get one, but that's only because marvin is probably leveraging the fuck out of reebok.

-here's something that happened involving your hometown media:

"Say, Rashad," one of my esteemed colleagues said, "there's something I wanted to ask. Are you bipolar?" McCants' jaw dropped to the lapels of his sky blue suit coat. "Bi … polar?" McCants repeated. "I heard you were bipolar." "Do I look bipolar?" Well, he wasn't standing on his head and spitting nickels. "So there's no mental illness or anything like that?" By now, McCants appeared to be wearing a look of permanent disbelief. "Mental illness?" St. Paul Pioneer Press

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