Fran Vazquez Draft Diary - ¡Ostras! ¿Quien es Chad ford?

This is the second entry in draft prospect Fran Vazquez's draft day diary.

Iñaki, my fat little brother who just sits on the ordernador (editor's translation: computer) all day and eats mountains of chorizo, just sent me the following:

Vazquez's stock has dropped like a rock since rumors surfaced two weeks ago that he wants to stay in Spain next year. Combine that with two so-so group
workouts for NBA executives and he's in trouble. Still, he has way too much
talent to slip too far in the draft and would be a nice complement on the front
line to Pau Gasol. Jerry West is also a huge fan of Julius Hodge, so he could be
the pick here if Vazquez goes earlier. The Grizzlies have also been shopping
this pick. The Cavs, Pistons and the Blazers (who are looking for a second No.
1) are in the mix.

I do not know who this Chad Ford gentlemen is, but he has the ugly smile of a Cheshire Cat. His casual demeanor in just referring to me as "Vazquez" is also incredible. My name is Francisco Franco Maria Vazquez De La Santa Espiritu. I have made unusual allowances in referring to myself as "Fran" instead of Francisco (another suggestion on David Stern video), but there must be a limit! Many Americans have no respect for outside culture. Case in point: forcing Paul Gasol to drop the "L" for a little foreign flavor. I will not allow myself to be pigeon holed similarly. The letters of our names are not spices that can be eliminated from a delicious paella.

Iñaki says these Grizzle Bears will draft me overall 19. If that happens, than I will most likely stay in Spain next year - and possibly beyond. You see, dear friend, Paul Gasol is from Barcelona, or Cataluña. I am from the King's Lands - surrounding Madrid. I am a true Spaniard who loves his country so very dearly, meanwhile Gasol and his people wish to secede. I have nothing personal again Paul, but given the behavior of his wandering tribe of anarchists I refuse to play with him or any Catalan, for that matter.

I hope that straightens the record. Not the Grizzle Bears. I have heard they have rainbows and hearts on their bellies and use them as weapons of mass destruction. Who has ever heard of destroying with love? Not Francisco Franco Maria Vazquez De La Santa Espiritu. ¡Ostras No!

God Bless,

Fran Vazquez
(Not Pau Gasol)


At 6/28/2005 2:14 PM, Anonymous Brickowski said...

This is some of the best shit I've ever read at FreeDarko.

At 6/28/2005 8:41 PM, Anonymous Gorilla Jones said...

Congratulations, Fran!


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