"He's such. . .a human"

More on this tomorrow, but for now I have this to say: it took the Spurs to make me realize how much I should have dug the Pistons all along. At least in this match-up. Find me a more likeable nucleus than Ben, Sheed, and Chauncey. . . no matter how annoyed I am by Rip, or the almost unspeakably personal, radioactively ambivalent relationship I have with Larry Brown, I don't understand how anything could neutralize said trio of perfect.

(that is not a rhetorical question)

(and this ain't bandwagon jumping; ask anyone, I've been a Sheed guy forever, a Big Ben supporter when he was Reggie Evans, the prequel, and Billups, well, since he should've been starting for the Wolves)

A few other thoughts, mostly of the Spurs-baiting variety:

-At what point do we start criticizing Duncan, if not for choking at key points in this series then at least for not asserting his presence (himself?) more? I know that's not the kind of player or person he is, but the greatest power forward ever (no sarcasm there) should be putting his unmistakable stamp on each and every game.

-This is probably the only time you'll ever hear me say anything this fusty, but Manu's judgment might be drifting from cavalier to reckless.

-I know you have to have Horry take those shots down the line, but let's remember that in some late game situations, he's just a role player missing some of the same (open) shots that made him famous. Not an deadly weapon who'll get his even if you know it's coming. Again, that circumstantial thing.

-Still, I can't imagine the Spurs losing on Thursday. They're just too proud, too good, and too deep, to not remind the world that they are in fact the best team in basketball.


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And check the date and time. . .I wrote this last night, before Simmons made all the same points, using a lot of the same phrases, in his playoff opus today. Not saying that the Sports Guy reads FreeDarko, but I don't want anyone thinking that I just cribbed the best stuff from his column. This is occurring as a comment so the original posting time stays intact.

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