Mandatory viewing

(or, "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, Especially When All That Matters to Me is the Juxtaposition of the Three, Not Their Grimly Heartfelt Rapport or Moralized Life Narratives")

Today on


on "How My Worst Moment Made Me a Star."

I'm sure it will be a mountain of shlock, nothing we don't already know about these two—and if anything, it'll cast them in an especially unflattering, soggy, and probably generic light. But it will be one of those "what's weirder: that this is happening, or that I'm not at all surprised it's happening" moments, and does give me the chance to say Free Darko, Watch Oprah.

(Ballers should never, ever go on Oprah, rappers should be so lucky as to get asked and jump at the chance. That's the difference between the two.)


At 9/09/2005 1:41 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

since no one seems at all interested in this, allow me to even further deflate the room: the show was taped in may, so don't expect any further installments of kanye's political furor, or butler opening up about why the nba is opening up its pocketbooks.

remember that whole "post 9/11 media?" i'm beginning to think that, for black celebrities, "post-katrina" is as meaningful "post 9/11" ever was.

At 9/09/2005 3:13 PM, Blogger Brown Recluse, Esq. said...

that sucks that it was taped in may. i was going to skip out on work early to catch it. i was really interested to see what kanye would have to say to oprah right after he made those comments and his album just dropped.

i have no idea why caron butler would be on there in may or now. i guess he spent time in juvie. that's probably why.

At 10/16/2005 9:59 AM, Blogger Bloggy said...

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