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Christ of all christs, for some reason I thought the action didn't start full-swangin' until tomorrow. . . but while I may worry over sports with the eye of jeweler, the joy I get from watching the Assocation is definitely of the sloppy, kid-crushing-frog variety. I also want to suggest here, and do so for all to hear, that it's by no means totally necessary to watch every single fucking play-off game, especially when there's really no suitable question hanging in the balance. I got kind of sick of saying this about the regular season (it was gratifying yesterday to see that Joey has a similar take on things), but there's just not that urgency floating about the NBA these days. Seeing as this has been a campaign all about potential fulfilled—nice to see happen, ups the resonance of it all, give you a sense of dreams coming true rather than dreaming getting dreamt on the spot—I would be shocked if the playoffs didn't turn out to be more of the same. That's why, for the first round, I'm only absoutely focused on catching all of Wizards/Cavs and Suns/Lakers, since those are the only two series in which the end result won't just come down to which of two teams is the greater self-actualizer. Where it's not just what happens that's unpredictable, but how it'll all go down. Clips/Nuggets earns an honorary mention, if only because Melo might continue to dignify himself beyond our measured expectations.

Let me try and translate that for anyone looking to start a fight: we know that the strong teams will roll. We know that the individual stars will shine bright as they can, but will ultimately have a hard time single-handedly knocking off the TEAMS. That's the story of this season, and the lack of intersection, intermingling, or interchangability of these two basketball concepts, both coasting at a zenith in their respective quarters, is why this I've been so nonplussed by it all.

One other thing that begs commenting: Simmons's latest death-trap. I think I already said all I have to say on the subject in the comments section of the above-mentioned Straight Bangin' post, but to summarize, dude needs to admit who he is, grow up, and leave the vanguard to the truly vainglorious. He'd still have edge, and he wouldn't end up clowning himself so semi-regularly. To use an analogy he might understand: after Green, R.E.M. had no choice but to admit they were now an arena rock band; that doesn't mean that they couldn't do their part to remake that role into something worthwhile, too. The whole situation makes me feel kind of sorry for him, but also pisses me off in that he's denying us (and himself) a perfectly great journalistic voice.

Nod to Simmons: watching some Classic yesterday, I have to concede that, as Melo improves, the Bernard King comparison is looking less and less outlandish.

Check on us regularly, we'll try to keep it moving and new shit up here whenever something comment-worthy goes down.



At 4/22/2006 3:06 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

fuck what you heard. this game is about to start and i am through the fucking roof. postpone this post's sentiment until 5PM Central Time.

At 4/22/2006 3:07 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

chip city. a fatboy-ed up montage "we praise you lebron" and nothing for arenas?

once this actually starts, i'll stop with you. i need to have something to post later, after all.

At 4/22/2006 4:26 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

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