We Dropped the Tag On Him

"RED BULL." Thanks Tirico. This is how a Euro is supposed to play. We bring fists and muscles. And some things to keep in mind:

After watching the Kevin Martin layup clip for the millionth time, I noticed something that brought a smile to my face eternally. After Kev-Mart makes the layup, all of his teammates mob him and come over to give dap...EXCEPT FOR ARTEST...who feels somehow compelled to grab the basketball and run to the other end of the court...and is then shown rejoicing with a Maloof shortly after.

And Smush Parker is the best in-game dunker in the L.


At 4/30/2006 1:49 PM, Blogger there is no you or me without Suomi said...

Nocioni is perhaps the first male athlete since Galarraga to have a name that begs for an L7 tune as his theme song.

np: parson sound- from tunis to india...
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At 4/30/2006 2:13 PM, Anonymous matt said...

Did you see Nocioni's half time interview? His voice is incredible.

At 4/30/2006 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone just see that Louganis-esque dive by Nocioni after Walker fouled him? Nice to see the influence that Argentinian football has had on his game.

At 4/30/2006 4:38 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

i cannot get behind an fd endorsement of nocioni. i don't think i have ever been as infuriated by a single player as i was by him during last year's playoffs. this is all being said through imperiously gritted teeth, if you couldn't already tell that.

young sasha. . now THAT's a euro.

At 4/30/2006 5:10 PM, Blogger Dr. Lawyer IndianChief said...

simple copy/paste from an email:

by all accounts, nocioni is a guy that none of us should like. but the thing is, he's really really good, and not in a gimmicky way (e.g. "look at the havoc that varejao is creating!")

At 4/30/2006 5:15 PM, Blogger T. said...

DLIC - I see your Smush Parker and raise you one Josh Smith

(The Fort Minor/Styles of Beyond track is frighteningly appropriate too)

At 4/30/2006 6:08 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

they've got odom playing the shaq role in the triangle. that about says it all, about odom and the suns.

At 4/30/2006 6:53 PM, Blogger Dr. Lawyer IndianChief said...

right...and diaw has been playing some center.

sometimes i fucking hate this new nba.

At 5/01/2006 11:19 AM, Anonymous aug said...

Diaw played out of his mind last night(with the exception of 2-3 bad alleyoops although you can't fault him for trying at the end of the 4th). He's posting kwame, luke and kobe up all day and none of them can stop him. His spin move and long, graceful glides to the basket are sublime. The way he feels the double team before it happens and instantly hits the man on the baseline is unbelievable. And on defense, guys twice his size have problems with him. He won't block a lot of shots, but he has some quick hands and some hops(as you saw when he shutoff kobe's layup attempt and forced him to hit that incredible floater that blew my mind). I can't say enough about how that man has played lately.

Nocioni has come alive lately and it's lovely. He has fully justified me drafting him two years ago much to the snickering of my friends. Although, that's a too much of a cheap shot on varejo. He's better than you all give him credit for. He does what's asked of him, which is to be the gritty post havoc creator. When he's given the chance to play legit, he can play. He has had some big minute games during the season where donyell, big z or gooden were in foul trouble, or injured and he stepped in and played controlled and very tough. Got points, boards, blocks, ran the pick and roll well, made the extra pass, and spaced himself well. Given a chance to shine, you better believe he can.

At 5/01/2006 4:40 PM, Blogger Dayton Lawill Bridge said...

I've programmed the Bulls onto my NBA Live 2002 (PS1) namely because of Nocioni. The Heat Bulls series has buffed the playoffs back to a shine after the continual marring from my hometown Nuggets.
I've actually been able to stomach the Lakers without Kobe scoring (I had to turn the channel after his game winner, I'm a hater).
Artest's steal on Horry at the end of the quarter! That amazed me. He just took the ball from him, over powering him, no foul at all, a freak what he does.
Dunk and steal, I'm hoping Smushes next accomplishment is the 3.
Year of the freaks? can it be termed yet? Diaw, Nocioni, Gordon, Kwame, Smush, Gilbert, Artest, Kevin Martin, Kaman, Cassel.. All the joy will be had in the 2nd round and severe disappointment will be had if we have to watch Spurs/Pistons final.
And how is it that Kukoc doesn't have clearer english yet?

At 5/02/2006 12:27 PM, Blogger Nate said...

The Same way Sammy Sosa doesn't have clearer English yet.

And I think the NBA, it's fans, it's sponsors, and ABC are all hoping that there is not a Pistons/Spurs re-match. How about Lakers/Heat? Talk about ratings! Or Lakers/Pistons. Or Suns/Pistons. Or Suns/Nets. Or Lakers/Cavs. I don't mind the Pistons, but NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THE SPURS IN THE FINALS AGAIN!


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