FreeDrafto as it happened

For two and a half hours, DLIC, the Recluse and myself chatted relentlessly over most of the first round's twists and turns. These are the highlights, and are presented only partially as important opinions on the 2006 NBA Draft.

Bethlehem Shoals: i like how knicks fans can't tell the difference between the nba and the knicks
Dr. Lawyer IndianChief: since when did dan patrick become the nba guy
DLIC: like, for everything
BS: why can't draft coverage ever become wary
BS: why is cv so dispensable?
DLIC: stephen a. will talk about trading kg in approximately 45 minutes
BS: this is a draft of talking about players that aren't being drafted
DLIC: best call of the night so far
DLIC: bilas doesnt want it with stephen a.
Brown Recluse: bargnani is kind of a pimp
BR: is nyc chanting "overrated"?
BS: andrea is better looking than any other 7' euro
BR: what about pau gasol (with his mouth shut)?
BS: can andrea NOT do any of these things?
DLIC: charlie v. is not watching the draft right now
DLIC: he's busy

BR: portland is MAKING MOVES
BS: is khrypa tradeable?
DLIC: khrypa is franchise
BS: they're pulling a '02 nuggets
BR: aldridge
BR: damn, his moms is tall!
DLIC: did a trade happen or not?
BR: yes
BS: so they aren't getting morrison?
BR: maybe they think they can get morrison with boston's pick
DLIC: oh shit
DLIC: if charlotte takes thomas it will fuck everything up
BR: zach r. is GONE
DLIC: darius?

BS: "weak base"=mr. lamp
DLIC: aldridge is going to get pushed
BS: a. is talking about big baby
BS: "i don't think the game is over for big baby"
DLIC: hahaha
DLIC: girls love big baby
BR: big baby is going to make it
BS: like that 'kiss song
BS: he hums that over cereal
DLIC: foreign video clips are hilarious
DLIC: it's like dudes in empty gyms

DLIC: morrison
DLIC: i was so wrong
BS: jordan hates freedarko
DLIC: this is an amazing draft
BR: dammit
BR: jordan does hate freedarko
DLIC: who did he kiss?
BS: he kissed rudy gay
BS: get it?
BS: judas?
BS: fag judas?
DLIC: rudolph homosexual III
DLIC: (aka rudy gay)
BS: jokes for days
BS: what if rudy had a tougher first name?

BS: this is the whitest draft ever
BR: morrison looks vaguely native american
BS: he looks a lacross player
BR: nah, too skinny
DLIC: "vaguely native american"
BR: he looks like a fisherman
DLIC: he needs a fisherman cat
BS: like a sidekick that's a cat?
BR: was that a joke?
DLIC: nope
DLIC: that was a mistake
BS: i’m from the CHA

BS: patrick's face is getting flatter. shelden's eyes and nose are collapsing into each other. these measure the end of the world.
BS: aldridge doesn't block shots?
DLIC: that’s just absurd
DLIC: did atlanta really make a promise to shelden williams?
BS: shelden is a walking promise. he is honesty itself
DLIC: didn’t he hit a girl
BR: he was charged with gang rape in high school
BS: did vitale just make an anti-italian remark?

BR: stephen a. is a moron
BS: bulls champs
BS: uh, not without a #1 option
BS: i love how reporters have their pet rumors
BS: like they've got publishing points on them
DLIC: stephen a. talks to shaq on the phone every day
BS: thomas is more of a kid than even josh smith was
DLIC: wow
DLIC: yeah he is
DLIC: wait
DLIC: frederick douglas = old school?
BR: that was weird

BS: this is a fairly good looking draft
BS: he looks like a hesher. morrison i mean
DLIC: morrison is a fucking dude i went to hebrew school with
BR: ballers are pretty good looking in general
DLIC: bargnani
DLIC: is a magician in the sack
DLIC: i haven’t felt like i was going to vomit since this halloween party a couple years ago
DLIC: but i feel it now
BR: for real?
BR: bad indian food?
DLIC: nah
DLIC: rajun cajun
DLIC: shit is dope
BS: cajun indian food
DLIC: shelden got called tarzan
DLIC: thats post-colonial
BS: that's double colonial
BR: it's okay because stuart is black
DLIC: this corn is dope
BS: that’s a line about sheldon
BS: "the corn is dope"
BR: the only research stephen a. did was look at a list of teams by points allowed

BS: this is a draft of players being told they're not wanted
BS: mccants, jaric, randolph etc. etc.
BR: so, blazers could get aldridge and gay?
BR: that's pretty sweet
BR: if those guys went hard all the time, they'd have gone 1-2
BR: they're the most naturally talented players
DLIC: my brother called
DLIC: he said that the new york crowd is chanting
BS: ????
DLIC: i dont hear that though
BS: brandon roy: all ears team
BS: w/ r-jeff, kobe, diaw
BS: why didn't aldridge get interview?
DLIC: they didn’t know what team aldridge was gonna be on
DLIC: they sent him to the green room
DLIC: guillermo diaz is in there
DLIC: eating a lot
DLIC: whip it real hard

DLIC: houston is gonna be good
BR: gay, t-mac, and yao???
DLIC: wow
BS: gay would make up for not getting bush
DLIC: oh my god
BS: yeah, i typed that
BS: a: "are you worried about gay's ball-handling skills?"

DLIC: portland could have had aldridge and gay
DLIC: thats just dumb
DLIC: i dont like the foye pick
BS: character is an aspect of versatility?
BR: i kind of like bassy/foye as a backcourt
BR: short, though
BR: oh, wait, foye is portland
BR: i keep forgetting that
BR: foye and jack is good
BR: jack's like 6-3 and built like a tank
DLIC: wow
DLIC: vitale likes foye
DLIC: a lot
BR: and jack looks like cuba gooding, jr.
BR: foye's good, though
BS: foye is pretty gully
BS: he looks like a defensive back

BS: battier actually isn't that bad
BR: that's who houston could use
BS: yeah
BS: t-mac averages 35
BS: easy
BS: + yao?
DLIC: houston = lottery again
BR: battier is okay, but he's like dale ellis or something. gay is, uh, rashard lewis or someone
BS: hilton is killing it
BR: fuck it, they're both dale ellis
DLIC: this is a draft of people wearing the wrong hats
BS: "one of the best players i can be" the post tim thomas quote of the day
BS: fuck van gundy
BS: fuck chris darden
BS: fuck marcia clark
DLIC: van gundys should open a restaurant
DLIC: steaks

DLIC: jerry west = the illuminati
BS: carney is next
DLIC: wow
BR: whoa
DLIC: chris mullin is pissed
DLIC: oh shit
BS: WTF!!!!!
BS: what?
BR: minnesota gets foye? they must want him to play point
BR: weird
DLIC: wait
DLIC: and drafted the wrong guy
BR: portland's whole team is going to be guys from the pacific nw
BS: first unknown african
BR: i love it when david stern's voice cracks
BS: a: "is he from texas?"
BR: he has the longest arms EVER
BS: that wingspan’s not real
BS: that's like a schoolbus
BR: the next dikembe
BS: that's like a shark!
BS: in a bus!
BS: (the shark doesn't make the bus any longer)

DLIC: seattle = now the most freedarko team in the united nations
BR: sene and swift=ebony and ivory twin towers
BS: amelia can't stop laughing at the highliughts of him
BR: me neither
BR: absolutely long
BS: why does it seem like every lottery player is still on the board
DLIC: i cant believe a. is watching the draft
BR: n. is watching the draft, too
BR: chicks love the draft
DLIC: i watched the nfl draft with a chick
DLIC: so nobody who got drafted is playing for the team that drafted them
BR: orlando is going to take brewer
BS: weird shots=country
BR: where is marion from? texas?
BR: carney's the next j.r. smith
BS: shouldn't j.r. get traded tonight?
BS: to the rockets?
BS: he would be perfect there
BS: i would intern for him
DLIC: orlando is the whitest team in the L
DLIC: they're just shameful thats all
BR: that kind of works, though. orlando is mickey mouse

BS: why does vitale act like people are courageous for picking who he wants them to?
BS: what does it even mean for a white player to be "an athlete?"
BS: they should just make it racially coded
BS: "as great as he is, he doesn't demand a double team"
BS: you can be great and not command a double team?
DLIC: howard DOES demand a double team
DLIC: howard is going to be the best forward in the league momentarily
BR: he is supposed to be in chapel hill hill this summer, taking classes
DLIC: wow
BR: he loves the heels
BS: who doens't like howard
DLIC: reddick sounds unhappy that he has to stop drinking
BS: i keep on waiting for someone on radio to mention our rumor in his list of troubles
DLIC: "I'm gonna do some community service whether or not the court makes me"
DLIC: you're just gonna do some community service for my sins?

DLIC: hilton armstrong
DLIC: fuck yes
DLIC: whip it real hard
DLIC: bitch
DLIC: i mean
DLIC: hilton armstrong, bitch
BS: i can't wait for this interview
DLIC: the draft isnt the same without the knicks
BS: what makes a player rick ross?
DLIC: sort of nerdy
DLIC: but will fight
BS: "when you get easy baskets, it makes the game easier"
BR: i don't get this guy
BR: is he west indian?

BS: another foy
BS: no one wants to draft anyone
BS: this draft might as well have never happened
BS: it will change nothing
BS: they should send everyone overseas
BS: why doesn't everyone just draft brandon roy
BS: and sort it out later
DLIC: stern is fucking late
DLIC: stern is killing shit though
DLIC: stern is jeff garlin
DLIC: stern is motown
DLIC: thabo is having an extended conversation with stern
DLIC: thabolous
BS: bilas=mr. divorce
DLIC: what do we think about thabo plus deng
DLIC: liberal arts world music class
BS: + chapo
BR: deng can make him more african
BS: utah selects john wayne gacy
DLIC: utah will try to draft reddick anyways
BS: stern vs. patrick
BS: new reality show: jew vs. gentile
BR: i meant whoa, like, they're talking shit to each other
DLIC: that was the shit
DLIC: the draft is the one night where people get a little nuts
DLIC: like stephen a. dissing Chillin Villian

BR: brewer’s got the blackest suit yet
BS: yeah i saw him in the beginning
BS: corduroy and stache
BS: dressing runs in their blood
BS: the brewers, not the blacks
BR: that's not corduroy
BR: dad's was pinstripe
BR: he shoots sideways
BS: shootin sidewayz
BS: a: "do they not have any doctors in arkansas?"
BR: you'd think an nba player could get his son's arm set properly
BS: did he live in arkansas when his arm got broke?
DLIC: i think d-miles got traded for jaric
DLIC: chad ford reports
BS: no one ever talks about steals during the draft
DLIC: "second jump ability"
DLIC: that’s a fucking new one

BS: how does cedric simmons have a baby daddy?
BR: what?
BS: stu just said that
BS: "that's his baby daddy"
DLIC: this bear commercial is kind of the shit
BR: stu uses hip hop slang but doesn't understand it
BR: it's embarrassing
DLIC: my liking of stu scott is correlated with me no longer being a backpacker
BS: sir jinx is runnin thangz
BS: dj pooh drop that shit homey

DLIC: "an nba guy, like john calipari"
DLIC: that’s just confusing
BS: i always forget that calipari actually coaches
BS: and isn't just a recruiter who gets judged solely on the potential teams he could've had
BS: why did carney just do the d-miles head thing?

BR: THAT dude is the hornets' GM?
BR: he looks like he manages a boston market
BS: why does greg anthony act like he never played the game
DLIC: i'm so sick of stern being late
DLIC: he's like somebody's parents
BS: this draft is totally ipod
DLIC: cold and plastic
DLIC: bilas is shitting himself because he put mwilliams at #9
BS: these wingspans are made up
DLIC: he's criticized every pick since #9
BR: he's a good driver in a straight line
BR: i wonder if he's a winner
BS: my girl has a six one wingspan
DLIC: science
BR: i have a 5-8 wingspan
BR: and i'm 5-10
BR: asians have short arms (see yao ming)
BR: what's yao's wingspan?
BR: does it matter if you're 7-5?
DLIC: bilas is fuming
DLIC: his mock is all fucked up
BR: let it go, bilas!!!!
DLIC: bilas just took a paycut
DLIC: wizards are going to try to draft a high schooler

DLIC: wait
DLIC: how do the knicks have a pick
BS: i think they just got given one
BS: sterns' ad libs=totally tongue in cheek
DLIC: new york is back
DLIC: this is fucking the highlight of the night
DLIC: destruction
DLIC: it's over
DLIC: bilas just can't let go of marcus williams
BS: they don't even pretend to believe what they're saying at this point.
BR: stephen a. is losing his mind
DLIC: simmons is now sitting on a goldmine
DLIC: so much material
BR: wonder what the celtics will do with all those guards
BR: i guess they have all those bigs, too.
BR: that's okay if you're hibernating

BS: did we say anything after i left?
DLIC: nothing important
DLIC: those new york dudes
DLIC: comedy
BS: i don't like being in something called "buddy chat"
BR: wait, where did gay end up? memphis?
BR: did this pick get traded?
BR: if not, that's a good pick
BS: did ray go?
DLIC: stern will announce it next year
DLIC: allen ray
DLIC: hasn't been drafted
BR: allen ray?
BS: wait, who did bilas say should fight each other
BR: get kobe some help!
BS: i think we're done
DLIC: yeah
DLIC: i'm done
BR: it's not even the end of the first round, you pussies


At 6/29/2006 12:40 AM, Anonymous spider said...

The Rockets are going to win every game by a score of 73-71.

At 6/29/2006 1:23 AM, Anonymous Aaron said...

The New York crowd did indeed chant "Overrated" at Bargnani. They also showered him later with a "USA" chant. The whole thing left a very bad taste in my mouth.

On the other hand, the Renaldo Balkman pick? Wonderful. The entire theater went from bitter mocking of Dolan and Isiah to just a collective "What the fuck just happened?" Isiah topped himself on this one. I can't wait for another season in MSG.

Thirdly, Farmar, Eliyahu, and Halperin make this an excellent draft for the Tribe. Klal Yisrael dancing in the aisles with Israeli flags after the Eliyahu pick.

At 6/29/2006 1:37 AM, Anonymous Mr. Six said...

1. I for one welcome the return of the 3-piece.

2.a. Who stole Morrison's neck?

b. He reminds me of the alternate universe AJ Soprano who had a growth spurt.

c. I know it makes me a bad person, but I somewhat relish the near future in which MJ has crippled him emotionally.

3. Forget the Knicks fans, I'm not sure what the fuck just happened. I know Toronto got the Euro whose hat doesn't fit, and the Warriors fucked up again, but other than that, it's a sea of undifferentiable B-level talent that went to teams who seemed to pick only out of Pavlovian response.

4. If someone puts up an edited version of just Stern's comments on YouTube or Google, let us all know. The Commish makes me laugh.

At 6/29/2006 4:45 AM, Blogger bayaz said...

Sortof off topic, but if the AI to Celtics deal really goes down, could there possibly be a worse city for a Paul Pierce / Allen Iverson combo? What a shame.

At 6/29/2006 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that chat was some entertaining shit. you guys should do it more. although i suppose only certain events merit it.

has a roster ever went from unimaginably boring to inexplicably exiting faster than chicago's? if skiles gets arrested for some heinous act and is replaced by stan van gundy all will be right in the world. chicago's roster is like if phoenix and detroit had a child.

At 6/29/2006 12:24 PM, Anonymous Natural Oils said...

why did bilas think it matters who would win if lowry and rondo fought each other? who cares?

wv = mwigxn - mae west ignominiously crosses nations

At 6/29/2006 12:31 PM, Anonymous mpt said...

What the fuck happened to phoenix? They trade 2 first rounders for cash, and then D'Antoni comes in saying that they were concerned mostly about "staying under the tax limit."

The heck?

At 6/29/2006 12:50 PM, Anonymous aug said...

I still don't understand how anyone can mention an all ears team without giving a nod to what would have to be the head coach, Popeye Jones.

Also, i loved how bilas was making every pick until marcus williams was taken seem awful just to validate him picking the next khalid el amin to go in the top 10. On the bright side, my friend from saudi arabia who is studying at uf for the year says that Khalid is huge over there in the middle east.

Stern and Patrick exchanging words had to be the mccants tapping stern on the shoulder moment for me. I couldn't get enough of it.

About Orlando, I'm horrified. If we just wanted a shooter, why not take rodney carney. He's bigger, more athletic and can learn to play defense. Redick comes into the league with no hope of ever being able to guard anyone. I understand not taking brewer because he can't shoot, but seriously, why redick. Then in round 2, why not take a 1st round talent in alexander johnson instead of the slow and steady james augustine? Alexander Johnson is athletic, a top 20 prospect out of high school and in this draft, and the man can shoot the 20 footer. I'm baffled.

At 6/29/2006 1:01 PM, Blogger Brown Recluse, Esq. said...

aug, blame mickey mouse. seriously.

At 6/29/2006 1:15 PM, Anonymous Chris R said...

Has anyone considered the idea that Isiah is doing performance art, like Andy Kaufmann?

At 6/29/2006 1:16 PM, Blogger c-los said...

I hate reddick but i liked the pick even though their backcourt is very small with him and jameer...he should be able to open it up for Dwight and he always plays like he has something to prove...now the rest of the draft was a blur...too much trading...i have to wait until NBA Live comes out to figure out who is on what team

At 6/29/2006 2:25 PM, Blogger quietmenace said...

Big ups on the Soul Food reference. DLIC is the second person to infer that the T-Wolves said the wrong name. This deserves some time.

At 6/29/2006 2:47 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

there should be a thread on some board about random, fairly unremarkable, or hopelessly dated lines that stay with you through the years. obviously it's all about the phrasing and delivery--that's the cliche about hip-hop, southern or otherwise. but i'm talking occur to you for no reason years later, seemingly summarize exactly how you feel at some moment, find yourself quoting them even though they're basically empty.

trife has basically made this into his entire style. he basically fucks around for an entire verse and usually turns up at least one of these.

wv: hmbbheut (german robot devoted solely to the pursuit of wondering about stuff)

At 6/29/2006 3:34 PM, Anonymous the hyena said...

So Dee Brown's reuniting with Deron. Between this and Ronnie Brewer, could it be that even the 'jazz' are getting FD?

At 6/29/2006 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let it be stated here that I will do the unthinkable, and defend Isiah. You can't really be thinking All-Star at #20, you know? And you don't need a scorer, either. You need a solid back of the rotation type guy. I saw Balkman at the N.I.T., and he was dominating with his hustle, his defense, he rebounding - all stuff the Knicks could use. That he could have been had in the 2nd round is besides the point. Besides, the Knicks didn't have a 2nd rounder, and Isiah claims that the Suns were thinking of taking Balkman at #21 (possible, since they did sell the pick immediately after the Knicks took Blakman).

And since when is who is picked at #20 suppose to be the biggest story the day after the drafts? Isiah has turned into such a joke that now even an insignificant roster move is ridiculed. In the history of the NBA drafts, how many 20th picks have even made an impact?
Add in that this was a weaker-than-normal draft?

I feel sick having to defend Isiah as a GM. Damn ESPN and their talking heads. Damn Mike Lupica and the sheep that are the mainstream sportsmedia.

WV: Trrkzgis. The Sonic's annual pick. The Sonic's gots more projects than the QB... shouldn't we just call their last 4 draft picks Mobb Deep?

At 6/29/2006 10:39 PM, Blogger there is no you or me without Suomi said...

Isiah's developed a very selective form of lsdwyaexia, apparently he thought he was drafting Rolando Blackmon.

wv: bxzpwhg- b times z produces whigs

At 6/29/2006 10:44 PM, Anonymous static kid said...

so who's who in the vulture picture?

At 6/30/2006 1:57 AM, Blogger pat buchanitar said...

Just because I was bored, I looked up the drafts from the past 10 years to see how many impact players were drafted at #20 or lower.

Jameer Nelson (2004, #20)
Delonte West (2004, #24)
Chris Duhon (2004, #38)
Josh Howard (2003, #29)
Kyle Korver (2003, #51)
(couldn't decide whether to count Luke Walton and Steve Blake)
Tayshaun Prince (2002, #23)
Carlos Boozer (2002, 34)
Jamaal Tinsley (2001, #27)
Tony Parker (2001, #28)
Gilbert Arenas (2001, #30)
Michael Redd (2000, #43)
Andrei Kirilenko (1999, #24)
Manu Ginobili (1999, #57 Should he count?)
Ricky Davis (1998, #21)
Stephen Jackson (1997, #42)

Well, I just saw God Shammgod (1997, #45), so I think I'm gonna stop there. But as you can see, there's always at least a solid starter available at 20+, and sometimes (2001) the best players in the draft are picked past #20.

At 6/30/2006 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice research, Pat, but I think it proves my point - one solid starter per year (on average) available from 20-60. That means you, as a GM, have a 1 in 40 (2.5%) chance of netting a player that will do anything. Also note that Delonte West and Kyle Korver are on their way to being replaced in their respective team's rotations, meaning their two years period (or less) of playing time is almost over, unless they catch on somewhere else eventually. In a year or two they might not even be on that list.

Too often people (fans + media)overvalue a draft pick's potential. God, I hate 6-8 swingmen with no interest in playing/learning the game (Rudy Gay = Tim Thomas = Lamar Odom = all swingmen capable of virtually anything they want except being really good at something). After the 10th pick it seems better to go with a one-dimensional player (J.J. Douchebag, for example) over Captain Potential. I hate Zeke the GM, but I think taking a hustler/defender type with no interest in scoring is a solid move with the 20th pick. You don't need a scorer, especially when the Knicks 2nd team projects to be Crawford, Robinson, and possible Frye again.

BTW, one more semi-defense of Zeke (still a horrible, terrible GM, no doubt, but not the worst of all-time as the ESPN crowd would have you believe - is he worse than Danny Ainge? McHale?) - if Rudy Gay = Battier (solid player, great role guy, but not a star or potential star, either), then isn't Eddie Curry more valuable than that #2 pick? For all the criticism of the Curry trade, wouldn't any GM still rather have Curry than Tim Thomas (the one waived by the Bulls, not the Suns star), Sweetney or that pick?

At 6/30/2006 10:34 AM, Blogger GentleWhoadie9000 said...

it's the God Shammgod, god.

At 6/30/2006 12:30 PM, Blogger pat buchanitar said...

My problem with Zeke picking what will be at best a role player (my coach would have called him a lugnut) is that they needed someone who could handle the ball and distribute, something that both Francis and Marbury have had trouble with so far. Yes, he had an affinity for a free laptop here and there, but he was a heady point that could at least provide some respite from me-first stars trying to take the spotlight.

I don't see what the purpose of drafting another forward on a team clogged with them. Yes, the guy can play defense, but he'll be completely absent defensively.
not a good shooter, around 50% from the free throw line, and evidently plans never to cut his hair again. Why pick this guy over someone who at least has the potential to make an impact on your team? Why go for someone who will most likely never make any sort of impact?

I see your argument that it is good to go for a decent role player, but this guy isn't even a decent role player.

At 6/30/2006 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My opinion of Maurice Williams - I don't care about stolen laptops. I'm sure most GMs don't, either. Correct me if I'm wrong, but someone on ESPN during the draft casually mention his ass being 14% body fat during the workout. I heard he was out of shape, and shrugged. But 14% body fat?!? Yo, I am under 10%, yeah I hit the gym and run and shit, but I'm not a professional effing athlete. 14%?!? A baseball player, maybe even a NFL lineman, but not a b-baller. Alright, maybe if he's a big man down low, but no way are you taking a point whose out of shape... how you gonna run up and down, push the ball with an fat point?!?

Williams dropped that low for that reason, IMO. Only two teams could have taken him in the 1st round - the Knicks and the Nets. No other GM could "risk" taking a 1st rounder on a point in such bad shape (plus the other red flags), unless they had another late pick in the first round to "offset" this pick if it flat out failed. So it was the Knicks, with a GM with no room to err... so he played it safe, got a role player and a point at 29 who can handle the ball and distribute, pass it to the post, etc (but do little else, i.e. create his own shot). The Nets could roll the dice, knowing he's just a backup to Kidd, and hope he gets into shape.

Maurice Williams = Khalid, another fat UConn guard destined to ball in the Middle East. Maurice better start learning some Arabic...

One more point - what's the track records with points taken after #10? Have most GMs messed up historically? My impression is lots of stories after the drafts being like "can't believe (pick a name - Omar Cook, Telfair, Shammgod Wells, er, God Shammgod, etc) fell to (pick a number above 10), but how many "fallen" points really panned out? All the points on Pat's list (Jameer, Duhon, West, Tinsley and Agent Zero) were all projected to be taken around where they went (i.e. 20 and above); none of them pulled an Artest-like slide and "fell" to where they were taken, right? Not a good harbinger for Maurice Williams....

At 7/01/2006 3:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the difference between el amin and williams is about five inches. and no, i'm not talking about your dick. williams is a legit 6-3, while el amin is fat AND short (5-10). huge difference.


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