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If you've been reading this site for a minute, or haven't but found yourself inexplicably drawn to it, you're probably familiar with this timeless clip:

Stage set. When I was on the road, I met this guy in New York who swore that he and his friend had kept this torch alive, recording their own awkward, lo-fi, partly freestyled, and did I mention, very white, homages to these perfect nine minutes of Ultramag weird/NBA classic synergy. He got in touch with me over the weekend and blessed me with mp3's of their efforts, as well as assurances that the 2009 edition is on its way. So without further anticipation, here's Doug S. and friend down through the years:

All-Star 2006
All-Star 2007
All-Star 2008

While you won't exactly hear the recent history of rap played out in these tracks, there is definite evolution as they, I don't know, figure out how to use a computer and control their voices. Even if you don't get all the way through all of them—and you should—at least respect the monk-ish devotion and triumph over god-given limitations. Not to proselytize, but this just might be the FD version of the inspired fan jingle.

P.S. New post later today or early tomorrow. Also, the FD Twitter is so on and poppin' that it warrants getting an account.


Video of the 1976 Spirits of St. Louis team, one of those ones that got away from my lifetime.

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At 2/02/2009 11:35 AM, Blogger Bernice said...

This is the Ultramagnetic MC's, a pretty influential group. Kool Keith (the second rapper you hear) has made about 40 albums in the last 20 years, each one under a different alias.
FD? Not FD? I'm not quite sure....

At 2/02/2009 11:37 AM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

Thanks for the Kool Keith primer. I assumed that "Ultramag" would be clear enough shorthand for "Ultramagnetic MC's".

At 2/02/2009 11:58 AM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

Hey everyone, check up above for a video that I am totally excited about!

At 2/02/2009 12:10 PM, Blogger The Till Show said...

Artis Gilmore is proof why the 'fro needs to come back to the Association...and not the one like that one time D-Miles simply undid his braids and let it rock.

At 2/02/2009 1:37 PM, Blogger El Presidente said...

Surely the FD crew have seen Santonio's TD celebration by now? He makes one of the finest catches in SB history, and what does he think? "I'm gonna use the ball like the chalk shaker and imitate LeBron!!"

My mind is blown by sports synergy.

At 2/02/2009 1:40 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

I already mentioned this on the almigthy Twitter, but that only further proved this legendary Dr. LIC post.

At 2/02/2009 2:43 PM, Blogger Daniel Jang said...

@El Presidente: to be fair, receivers have been dunking the ball on the goalposts for ages now... for what it's worth.
From TO's hoops obsession to the LBJ HS WR stories, receivers have always been the most hoop-connected of football players; I remember brand jordan was retro-ing the XIIs a few years back and reggie wayne and a bunch of WRs were rocking cleated versions.

At 2/02/2009 5:25 PM, Blogger themarkpike said...

to the jupiters, these mp3s are fantastic...thanks for sharing your rap schtick, especially the lo-fi static... word dexterity, acrobatic... i don't mean to be dramatic... but you guys are ALL-STARS

At 2/03/2009 10:03 AM, Blogger Doug said...

On behalf of myself, Brian, Beau and Joe (the Jupiters), I would like to express the utmost gratitude to freedarko for giving these terrible artifacts of hip hop ephemera the recognition we always joked about them deserving. Watch out for the 2009 edition next week?


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