BwB 2.0 and Fresh Clothing!!!

Before the explanation, the announcement. Oh, and read my lame, contrived punchline-fest from yesterday. It gets no deeper.

So the line-up for Blogs with Balls 2.0 is pretty much in place, and the trumpet hath been sounded. It'll be a part of Blog World Expo in Vegas, which will allow me to bask in, or court, that vital (if imagined) crossover demographic. Jesus there are a lot of speakers at this thing. I'm on a panel about resolving differences between bloggers and traditional media, and suspect Amy K. Nelson and I are supposed to pick up where we left off at BwB. Yes, I am talking this up like a pro wrestling event.

The video: USA vs. Brazil at the 1987 Pan-American Games. Pre-doom Danny Manning, the amazing young Mr. Robinson. But most of all, holy fuck Brazil's uniforms are amazing. They are at once futuristic and Naismith-esque, while nearly going so far in both directions that these two opposites collide. Innovative uni design—I'm talking design, not just engineering—is an untapped field of exploration.

Have a nice weekend, friends.

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At 8/01/2009 2:53 AM, Blogger Abe said...

one more video to kill some weekend time... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exOxUAntx8I

At 8/01/2009 12:31 PM, Blogger M.A.P. said...

For a game played in the
80's, To me This seemed like a lot of calls were made in a 10 min span. Especially since everyone says that alot more was allowed back in the day; AND its an International game, so I would expect the game to be more Physical and the wistle to be blown alot less than usual..

but I guess its because the Rest of the World had'nt caught up to the U.S. yet.

...Speaking of the uniforms how about the refs. From this distance it almost looks like a jump suit, very Saturday Night Fever-esqe..

At 8/04/2009 12:06 PM, Blogger Marc said...

Damn, pre-early entry college stars were really good. Was there a single player in the starting five who would have lasted past his freshman year today?

At 8/06/2009 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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