Where Now, Endorser of Folly?


Hey all, neglect not my voluptuous team previews over at you-know-where.

All sort of crazy stuff coming down from the foggy hilltop lair of the Golden State Warriors. Down a bit in this Baseline post, you get Monta equivocating on just where he stands with the team, and whether or not he thinks Ellis/Curry could ever make that bank. Dude's got a point: Both are small, and while Ellis isn't say it, Curry's unproven, much less as a do-it-all weirdo that Nellie will demand if he's actually paying attention. For my three dolmas, I don't see why the team wouldn't go with Morrow, other than the fact that Curry's got just enough to keep everyone under his spell (or rather, to justify using him when his name is potentially big draw. At least NY felt that way.)

Morrow is a shooting machine, and while Ellis doesn't naturally play the 1, I fail to see exactly why the team wins by accommodating Curry, rather than trying to figure out how to best make the team work around Monta. Come on Nellie, you're letting down your foremost theoretial boosters! In fact, you could run out a line-up that's surprisingly conventional, albeit with a few wrinkles, and still learn a lot, teach others, and win some games. What's so bad about Ellis/Morrow/Jackson/Randolph/Biedrins, with Curry and Wright featured prominently off the bench?

But this ain't The Baseline, and you aren't here to watch me rattle off possible line-ups—however irrational, or ideologically-motivated, they might be. I come to speak to you of the current interactions of Jackson and Ellis with the press, respective. Jackson, in particularly, is somehow straddling the line between calm/cool and outlandish, saying, more or less, "I've seen everyone else go. The team I helped win is gone. The new formation is, if not looking for an identity, at least not that good yet. I proved myself with the Spurs, brought love to the Bay, and signed an offer I'd have been foolish to turn down here. Please trade me." Yes, there's a paradox there: WHY SIGN IF YOU WANTED TO LEAVE YOU SELFISH THUG FUCK!???!! But Nellie himself is talking a similarly rational game, along the lines of "we'll see what we can do, but it won't tear the team apart." In short, the two still seem to trust the other to exercise some form of reason—a funny sentence if ever there were one, but the way it is.


(By the way, I think most of my paraphrases are taken from this here San Francisco Chronicle story. For Monta, see Baseline link above.)

Ellis is a trickier proposition. He's being paid like the franchise, but is increasingly depicte as the odd man out. Why exactly has Ellis gone from one of the league's most coveted young players to disgruntled trade bait? Because he's not a true PG? Because his three-pointer has bad credit rating? This is a Don Nelson team we're talking about. For the same reason that we'd expect him to both respect Jackson's will to exit and forge ahead with him nonetheless, it's a total letdown that Ellis now poses such a quandry.Who exactly is Nelson waiting for when it comes to making this team fall into place? Is he suddenly appealing to the templates of convention? Yes, he loves Randolph. How are those two not a package deal? I guess there's some PR/business shit to sort out, but as for basketball, if ever there were a time for fearlessness on Nellie's part, today is that hour.

It's tempting to blame it all on Curry, and all that he stands for. But whatever, even his uneven skill set might end up best tucked away somewhere in a Ellis/Randolph superstructure. I don't get why, on the level of feelings and abstract coach-speak, Nelson seems so willing to break the mold as he plays reasonable with Jackson, but can't get a little restive or provocative when it comes to putting players on the floor.

Or perhaps the repartee with Jackson must be viewed alongside Nelson's threat to coach for free in 2011-12. The Positional Revolution has sapped him; now, he's smacking up and down the entire culture of labor and coach/team/player relations. That would be cool and all, but at this crucial time for the Dubs, when so much is possible and at the same time so much slipping away, now is the time for Nelson to get off his ass, slap some water on his face, and one more time ride into battle like the wind around him can drown out all but the sound of his own thoughts.


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At 9/29/2009 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unstoppable baby.

At 9/29/2009 1:17 PM, Blogger Kellen said...

Anthony Morrow needs to be unleashed on the world at large. Then they will all be sorry.

At 9/29/2009 3:04 PM, Blogger Eric said...

They're showing a GSW practice live online right now. It's pretty awesome.


At 9/29/2009 3:43 PM, Blogger Harish said...

"Why exactly has Ellis gone from one of the league's most coveted young players to disgruntled trade bait? Because he's not a true PG? Because his three-pointer has bad credit rating?"

Try this:
Because he's coming off an uninspiring quarter-season where he missed 57 games due to an ankle injury sustained from riding a moped (that he subsequently lied about)? And didn't regain the speed and quickness that excited us about him in the first place until the last 10 or so games of the season?
He'll be back in form this season, and as long as Nelson gives him his due this should be a non-issue.
Maybe not as cut-and-dry, though, in the twilight zone of the Bay. I blame Kawakami.

At 9/29/2009 3:45 PM, Blogger Ryland Walker Knight said...

MOrrow at the 2 is such a simple fix it's retarded nobody's been preaching that. I mean, yes. Makes perfect sense. I still wish that Curry for Amare trade had gone through. For GSW fans (like me) and for FD fans and for plain old NBA fans with cable television; basically, for the world; it'd've made everybody happy, everything better.

At 9/29/2009 3:48 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

H, I think you answered my WTF yourself. I know what happened, and that he wasn't right last year, I just don't see why that's worth giving up on him.

At 9/29/2009 4:16 PM, Blogger Tree Frog said...

Should be "Curry and Wright" off the bench.

And "the Dubs".

Kick-ass article. However, what does it mean if Nelson's so attached to the current team as constructed? Who does he let go next year or bring in? Do we wait until he spins the Twister wheel once more and builds up a fake grudge against somebody again?

At 9/29/2009 4:25 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

Corrections made, thanks.

I have no idea what Nelson is attached too other than Anthony Randolph and the weather system inside his brain.

At 9/30/2009 2:46 PM, Blogger Deckfight said...

maybe nellie needs the new version of stephen jackson, hence jackson needs to be traded for...tyrus thomas or some other talent that's had his ups & downs; that's younger w/ baggage. maybe delonte west is now available.

It's like Nellie can't function w/o a reclamation project. so he's trying to disrupt monta's mindset just to build him up again.

At 10/01/2009 12:23 AM, Blogger Mr. Six said...

It's a great post, but sadly, I'm not sure that anything Warriors-related is worth this much analysis.

The organization is dysfunctional (seemingly irredeemably). The 07 playoffs were a beautiful moment of function (and form). I'd like to believe that Nellie and the weird talent assembled can do something else enjoyable, but Cohan would probably trade them all for a sack beans.

At 10/02/2009 10:11 AM, Blogger Silas said...

I'm still not sure why Jackson wants to leave so badly. This really seems like the best situation he's going to get, and I doubt that any contending teams are going to want to swallow his contract now.

As far as the Ellis business, it was a pointless dick move to say what he did about working with Curry, but he's probably right about the tandem not working. Maybe the reason that he's lost so much stock is because is just isn't as good as we'd all like to believe?

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