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First, the podcast:

Dan sat down (enter the virtual sitting space?) with Kelly Dwyer, who needs no introduction. He also once penned (meta-finger carved?) this beyond-the-moon classic of an FD guest post. They discuss Kelly's hustle, his m.o., and naturally, the Bucks, the new official team of the podcast. Here is the most fair, honest, and useful assessment of Skiles as a coach you will ever get. Good stuff on what's missing from the Thunder this season.

Songs from the episode:

“I Like Everything About You” - Jimmy Hughes
“I Want to Take You Higher” - Sly and the Family Stone
“Eye Know” - De La Soul
“Heavy Makes You Happy” - The Staple Singers

-In other news, I have another Iverson column—longer than the last, making a case for him and the Knicks that a lot of people will hate.

-For discussion at a later date: Everyone reading knows of my single-minded devotion to the Hughes/Arenas back court of yore, or my belief that Mo/Delonte is a poor man's version of that. But what about this year's mounting trend of playing two "pure" PGs at once? Dallas, Milwaukee, Denver, Portland, Atlanta ... maybe David Kahn wasn't so crazy after all. I have no idea, are Sessions and Flynn sharing the court at all? Just wait till Rubio shows up!

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At 11/19/2009 3:33 PM, Blogger Mars Sunshine said...

Iverson to the Knicks is all I want out of life.

At 11/19/2009 3:55 PM, Blogger spanish bombs said...

"belief that Mo/Delonte is a poor man's version of that"

Strong enough synonyms for poor do not exist.

At 11/19/2009 3:58 PM, Blogger Mr. Six said...

I don't understand why you think Iverson and Wade don't work.

I think AI in NYC would be great, if only because I've always wanted to see him play for a true running team. It's too late to know what that would really be like, but this would at least satisfy a decade-old curiosity.

And I think he's probably got a little more to offer a quality team than you're giving him credit for.

At 11/19/2009 7:43 PM, Blogger Wright said...

To my dismay, Toronto also plays two PGs (Jose and Jack) at once all the time.

At 11/20/2009 2:30 PM, Blogger Abraham said...

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At 11/20/2009 2:32 PM, Blogger Abraham said...

The Jazz have ran a PG PG backcourt with a lot of success, too, with Maynor-Williams. When they made the conference finals a few years back they did the same thing with Williams and Fisher. In fact, going back to the nineties, Hornacek's point skills are a big part of why that backcourt worked, too.

Am I the only one who would would love to see The Answer go to the Nets and run alongside Devin Harris when he's back in the starting lineup? And what would that mean for NYK-v-Brooklyn?

At 11/21/2009 12:07 PM, Blogger Evan said...

According to 82games.com, Houston is +45 in 87 minutes with both Brooks and Lowry on the court.

It seems small ball is becoming almost synonymous with money ball. Guys like Lawson, Barea, Brooks, and several others get undervalued, and it's not worth paying $10 million for an average center just to play a conventional lineup.

At 11/23/2009 1:52 PM, Blogger Zeke said...

Guys like Lawson, Barea, Brooks, and several others get undervalued

Barea is garbage.

In the Milwaukee game, when Barea and Brandon Jennings were on the court at the same time, Jennings was:
FG 6-of-13
FT 2-of-4
PTS 17
TO 1

In the Milwaukee game, here are Jennings numbers when JJB was out of the game:
FG 2-of-9
FT 3-of-4
TO 1

In the Detroit game, when Barea and Will Bynum were on the court at the same time, Bynum:
PTS 19

In the Detroit game, here are Bynum’s numbers when JJB was out of the game:

Here’s the Mavs’ opponent, Barea’s Plus/Minus stat, and the Mavs’ Plus-Minus stat for that game:
GAME JJ’s +/- MAVS’ +/-
1.Wash -12 -11
2.LAL 0 +14
3.LAC -4 +9
4.Utah +1 +11
5.N.O. -3 -7
6.Tor +18 +28
7.Hou +2 +18
8.S.A. -8 -9
9.Minn +1 +12
10.Det -7 +5
11.Milw -15 +2

Barea has done nothing but hurt the Mavs this year. There's nothing "undervalued" about him. Free Beaubois!

At 11/24/2009 3:27 PM, Blogger Bhel Atlantic said...

You can add Sacramento (Evans and Udrih) and Detroit (Stuckey and Bynum) to the list of dual-PG teams. Though okay, arguably, Evans and Stuckey are too big and not skilled enough to play PG.

At 11/25/2009 10:07 PM, Blogger Professor Emmer said...

Isn't Blake more of a Kirk-type combo? Doesn't average over 6 APG, can't finish or drive and kick, but hits the open man and threes?

At 12/01/2009 12:28 PM, Blogger Steve said...

This whole AI think frustrates me, thanks for that article on the Knicks. The only rationale for the Knicks NOT to sign AI for the rest of the year is to maintain their draft position. But that goes away since they traded their pick to Utah. So what gives?

AI is on the wrong side of 30, but he had a great last year in Denver (26.4 PPG on 46%) before the implosion last year in Detroit.

The Knicks have nothing to play for this year, AI is still a genuine talent and a big marquee name, and I am guessing he would even be a good fit in D'Antoni's system. He wouldn't even cost much money, it would be worth taking the chance even if later you had to cut him and eat the rest of his salary (worst case scenario.) Mid-case scenario is that he sells some tickets, provides some excitement, and gracefully exits the MSG stage at the end of the year, leaving on his own terms. Best case scenario is that it all actually WORKS (besides the marketing benefits), and he sticks around for another year after that.

Besides the debate about AI's attitude issues, I think the larger issue is his unique skill set/size- unfortunately a greater player than a teammate/building block (what if he had been blessed with just 3 more inches in height?) The 2001 Phila team was really the template for how to succeed with AI, and they did reach the Finals and took Game 1 (and almost Game 2) from the Lakers in LA. But no contending team wants to re-tool to build around him (especially now at his age), and crappy teams are either playing youngsters or playing for the draft. I wish somebody would just play for the NOW.

I guess AI in New York made just TOO much sense, for it to actually happen.

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