The Meal of the Wicked

March 10, 1976: Colonel at Spurs, Gilmore and Gervin, through my brain right now.

The only good thing about having a fever for days is that after a point, you stop being exhausted and end up floating and all creative-like. I have so many things to add to the book today, and also wrote a 1200 word opus on why, indeed, small forwards matter for The Baseline. It could've easily appeared here, but it happened there. Check it out.

Also, don't forget to check out the last days of the Bill Simmons Book Club. The heat hath really been brought in the second round, and I kind of wish we could drop Simmons and just form a basketball-and-culture blog with this roster of writers. I know, keep dreaming.

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At 12/15/2009 10:55 PM, Blogger Joe P. Tone said...

Couldn't you just give all those guys a password and let them pop into Free Darko whenever they wake up in the middle of the night yelling about Joel Przbilla? Seems preferable to making their wives or dogs listen to them, and I wouldn't mind the occasional Craggs or Lethem mind dump here.

At 12/16/2009 3:13 AM, Blogger Mouth said...

Indeed, The Disappointment Artist, by Jonathan Lethem, was and is a fine reading experience for me. He had a helluva piece in Harper's a couple months ago as well; it concerned blogging. I imagine that if he could reproduce some of that essay magic here in FreeDarko or on the comment boards, well, magic would happen. I would be forced to compete with him. It would be good for both of us.

At 12/16/2009 4:21 AM, Blogger patrick718 said...

so when are those free darko dwight and rose t-shirts gonna go on sale at adidas?


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