Rolling Waves


Ken and Dan got together late Wednesday night to try and talk about normal basketball things, like Allen Iverson going back to the Sixers, or the futility of the Nets, or how we like the NBA Today podcast from ESPN.

We tried. But as is usual when Ken and Dan get together, things got a bit weird. A lot weird. So you'll also find talk of John Tesh, Jean Shepherd, and the impact of Carlos Boozer on Ken's life. Amongst other oddities.

Also, at the end, there's the first ever FreeDarko Presents: The Disciples of Clyde NBA Podcast "hidden track." Let's not mention the fact that me telling you about it makes it not that hidden.

Songs from the episode:

"Beyond Comprehension" - Gang Starr
"Weird Fishes/Appregi" - Radiohead
"Stop" - Jimi Hendrix
"Highway of Endless Dreams" - M83
"Somebody Put Something In My Drink" - The Ramones

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