His Mustache Lingers On

R.I.P. Willie Mitchell, here are my three most favorite productions of his that were easy to post. Missing: Jimmy McCracklin's "Stay Away From That Monkey" and O.V. Wright's "I Don't Do Windows."

All old musicians eventually go, but this man was an institution.

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At 1/06/2010 5:04 PM, Blogger Mouth said...

This is bad news. Damn. Well said, Mr. Shoals.

I might be the only person in the world to have cheated and named The Reverend Al Green's The Love Songs compilation album, released in 2003, as the #1 album of the decade in my little end-of-decade list a couple weeks ago. I'm a big fan of The Reverend's return to the bedroom, starting with I Can't Stop, and that's where the late Willie Mitchell continued his greatness as well. Mr. Mitchell's work probably gets more burn on my iTunes than anybody, and I shall genuinely miss him.


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