Fly Through All Ears

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Yes, we’re back. It was only Dan that left the country for a week, but still, now the show is back.

Dan checks back in with Ken, and they talk a little trade action. Then Dan does something that’s never been done on this show.

In the next segment, Dan talks with Josh Levin, of Slate.com, writer and host of the Hang Up and Listen podcast. Josh is originally from New Orleans, which gave them a chance to talk about the sports scene there (Super Bowl relevant!) as well as the Hornets (NBA Podcast relevant!)

We’ll be honest, there’s some static-y noise in the talk with Josh. We did the best we could about it. It’s probably Ken’s fault.

Songs from the episode:

“Come On Feet” - Quasimoto
“All Tomorrow’s Linoleum” - Autechre
“Perception” - Kylesa
“Ease Back” - The Meters
“The Saints Are Coming” - The Skids

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At 2/05/2010 5:48 PM, Blogger jza said...

We need help!

We Portlanders do not know what to make of Andre Miller.

He is not funny and nice like Walton.
He is not humble like Clyde.
He is not a rebel like 'sheed.
He is not Alpha like Roy.

His personality is like his game. Leaning, holding the ball, mis-direction, making the awkward work. Even look good sometimes.

He rubbed his teammates the wrong way. He dropped 52. FIFTY TWO! We're better with him but we don't know why.

Do we like him, dislike him, or LOVE him?

At 2/06/2010 2:09 PM, Blogger The Gazelle said...

less talk about your trips at the start, its all very nice, but i don't know you and find it very irrelevant lol


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