How Can You Find It?

I'm still in Rome. Behold my long conversation with Rick Telander, on the subject of Heaven Is a Playground and the anniversary photo show.

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At 2/26/2010 12:43 PM, Blogger Trandar Slavistagitigus said...

I was just thinking about Heaven Is a Playground a couple days ago. I must have read it five times between the ages of 13 and 18, and dipped into countless times besides. Thinking of someone like Rick Telander, who really wrote with dignity about the game, as opposed to the personified Budweiser commercial that is Bill Simmons, make me a little nostalgic for the days before ESPN global homogeneity, And 1 mixtape tours, and David Stern's family friendly basketball entertainment complex. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the And 1 dudes can get a little cash playing their game, and the NBA truly is at its best since my first days of fandom in the early 90s, but some of the spontaneity and the rawness and the real life seems to have been squeezed out it all.

At 3/01/2010 10:17 AM, Blogger El Presidente said...

When you get back, why not consider the Blatche?

At 3/06/2010 10:04 PM, Blogger Mars Sunshine said...

Trandar, May 2001 was when both worlds collided to create absolute perfection.

At 3/06/2010 10:12 PM, Blogger Mars Sunshine said...


In 2001, both world collided in perfect harmony (minus the last 4 games of the season).


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