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Cribbing off of FD's Days of NBA Lives series, Jay Caspian Kang presents College Basketball Tweets: Future Lotto Picks Edition. Read Jay’s latest work over at The Awl as he tries to answer the question: Who is the Greatest Diva of the Past Twenty-Five Years? Follow Jay at @maxpower51.

Kemba Walker UCONN: lol my teacher don't speak English lol

Kyle Singler DUKE: Anyone know what time the duke lacrosse team plays today?

John Henson UNC: oh lord she's drawing cards of peoples name in the class to answer the questions...lol.. I have a feeling my card is coming soon =|

Perry Jones BAYLOR: i see these new snacks at wal-mart, Mcdade cream pies lol

Josh Selby KANSAS: Done with class, that's was an exciting class. Happy to be at ku.

Kyrie Irving DUKE: RT: jhairston15 On The bus with @kyrieirving heading to the first class of the day...Intro to Acting! Should be fun...

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At 6/14/2013 6:11 PM, Blogger Jim Philips said...

I have to admit that me and the Hostpph love twitter before because pr is on it to avoid players to say some things.


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