Help is on the Way

Really, that video holds the key. This Wikipedia entry does not.

Now, some links:

-Spencer Hall wrote this piece about college football, humanity, and time. Then Brian Phillips wrote about David Foster Wallace's Federer and Pele-as-comedian. Yesterday was a great day to have internet access and a computer. Seriously, it gets no better.

-Some guy named Eric framed the whole "Artest and mental health, and the joke inside" thing just right. I give it the mentally ill stamp of approval.

-At Culture Breach, Jay Caspian Kang takes part in a Jeremy Lin roundtable, along with (to name a few) Hua Hsu and Oliver Wang. In the words of the organizers, Jay "was quite the battle-ax in our dialogues". Free Rashad is on hold, but he got up some nice thoughts on Mike Tyson (part 1, part 2) that might interest you.

-Read today's Works if you like Ziller's charts or issues of Kevin Durant, representation, and authenticity.

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