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You would know about my new music blog, which contains no sound-files and is only barely about music. Another post later, this one on Yahweh ben Yahweh might be of special interest to you readers.

Also, check out the latest The Works, especially for the words on the Atlanta Dream's Angel McCoughtry, who could change the league as we know it. That's a theme QMcCall picked up on early this morning, wondering if McCoughtry, as currently constructed, wasn't at once revolutionary and regressive. Assuming, of course, that you consider all of basketball one big conceptual continuum. And ignoring, for the moment, the "WNBA is like classic NBA" trope (trope or meme? is a trope a grown-up meme? is a meme the destruction of all possible tropery? do you want to see my hands?), which otherwise raises the question of whether the NBA itself hasn't regressed, on and off, ever since the dawn of the Celtics, Wilt, and Elgin Baylor. I wonder if there's a way to place prop bets on the currents of history. That's some online betting I could get down with!

Hoping to get a post up here later and underdogs vs. fledglings.

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