Each Day Is a Lifetime, 8.12.08

Slow day, long picture.

-Sorry if I was flip about Isaac Hayes's passing. Here's my favorite thing he ever wrote (with David Porter of course). Also, on the off chance you haven't already, read KD's take, even if I think there's another four-on-the-floor origin story to be told. Sidenote: YouTube's rise in the music preview game cannot be underestimated, especially for rare-ish stuff.

-Now that I've finally got a chance to see her in action I have to say that Hannah Storm is notably pleasant on these late morning Sportscenters. (Dr. LIC)

-I love Mark Spitz being a hilarious kvetcher and being the one guy not to buy into the Michael Phelps hype. Phelps is just a WASP savior with questionable political leanings lest we forget. (Dr. LIC)

Shoals: He is like a shark in the water. If that's good enough for Melo, it's good enough for me. Sharks defy politics, and embraces only the higher and lower politics of mankind.

-Meet Jorge Castellenos of Mexico. He hates the Pope, loves Christ, enjoys long song poems about witchcraft and genocide, and has over 400 performances on YouTube. Shirt-optional performances. Here's his meditative Olympics offering:

If ever a soul could crush you with its solitary determination. . . (BS)

-Yes I'm linking to Deadspin as though you haven't read this yet. Lots of good points made here. I'm (predictably) not mad at all if Team USA turns these games into And1 exhibitions. Windmill dunks are the hoops equivalent to swimmers yelling deliriously and puffing out their chests. What disturbs me is Coach K's weak half-hearted "excuse" for the dunking. Why make excuses? Why is dunking even wrong when it's been established that the hoops-viewing portion of the Chinese population is going apeshit over Kobe and LeBron. There aren't any "records" to really break in hoops, but if there were, telling the USA not to dunk when they're up by a lot is like telling a sprinter to slow down at the end of the race when he has a commanding lead. (Dr. LIC)

-I hope no one freaks out and kills me over this, but I can't help but feel like the Olympics are totally 9/11. That's the last time I felt compelled to sit in front of the television as if marathon spectatorship were a meaningful act. A lifestyle, even. (BS)

-I interviewed Josh Smith for TSB. Further coordinates when it's up. (BS)



At 8/12/2008 2:56 PM, Blogger Carter Blanchard said...

A friend of mine has a theory that these are the first Olympics that feel relevant to him, because, he thinks, they're the first in which our athletic/economic/political/moral superiority feels in doubt. I think more accurately it might be the first for which we're aware of vulnerabilities that have always been there, but regardless, I think this somehow ties in with Shoals' 9/11 point. They must be watched. And frogs must be humbled.

At 8/12/2008 5:44 PM, Blogger Louie Bones said...

Is using "frog" as an insult as abhorrent as "retard"?

At 8/12/2008 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boris Diaw is amphibious though.


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