Each Day is a Lifetime, 8.7.08

Hello world. The majority of these links come from Shoals:

Carmelo's NYTimes Olympics blog is predictably boring, and a tad misspelled:

The photo of this situation is pretty priceless:

Wise words on J.R. Smith.

I'm getting excited for Sunday, just waiting for WARNs to break this down.

Important roundtable discussion on grammar and, well, I'm not gonna try to spell his name.

Just another Kobe wannabe:

Shoals sent me this but I'm not quite sure why.

UPDATE FROM SHOALS: the ryan howard thing: his protrade abbreviaton is "RHOWA," as in, the white supremacist term for "racial holy war."

Charles Barkley, Jerry Rice, and Ray Allen at Lake Tahoe. Pure hilarity.

...And Sir Charles getting--in the words of Henry--a little PG-13:



At 8/07/2008 2:38 PM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

Why I sent it: Check out the ProTrade abbreviation for Ryan Howard, especially if you have a passing familiarity with white supremacists.

At 8/07/2008 5:51 PM, Blogger mdesus said...

I like this links thing. I always find one or two worth clicking. Don't kill the baby dinosaur.

At 8/07/2008 11:35 PM, Blogger Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...


Thanks..and yes, we do indeed have something planned for sunday and monday--a mix of serious reflection with our typical satirical foolishness.



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