Talking Like a Champion: This Week's Podcast

This week's edition of FreeDarko Presents the Disciples of Clyde NBA Podcast has Dan, Ken, chopping it up with Dan's old pal, Kris DeBlasio of 1400 The Team in Columbia, SC. Kris has some serious college ball background, and thus the expertise flows free on the subject of the draft, the lottery, player development, and why people like sandwiches. Okay, that last one was a lie, but I would've brought it up if I'd been around.

The Podcast:

Music (high school favorites!):

1. “Excursions” - A Tribe Called Quest
2. “Would” - Alice in Chains
3. “Bullet in the Head” - Rage Against the Machine
4. “Who Got Da Props” - Black Moon
5. “Keepin the Faith” - De La Soul
6. “Forty Six and 2″ - Tool
7. “No One’s Leaving” - Jane’s Addiction
8. “Duel” - Swervedriver

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At 5/23/2009 1:13 AM, Blogger Louie Bones said...

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At 5/23/2009 3:25 AM, Blogger Alexander J said...

LIGHT THE LAMPE! (While Listening to The Lemonhead’s It’s a Shame About Ray)
Lee Humphrey was such a key cog! That’s a great reference to a really dominant college team, it could be said that they went on a rockin’ stroll for two straight years, with at least one ‘functional stoner’ (the jury is out as to whether this is Corey Brewer [unlikely return and ascendance post-ACL surgery?] or Joakim ‘I have a ladyfriend with gazongazoid breasts down by the beach BOY’ Noah); Rhea Pearlman foresaw all of this as the against-all odds last minute-volunteer coach in “Sunset Park” with the affable occasionally-focused rebounding/defensive ace ‘Spaceman’.
(Confetti)The future of basketball as we know it, it lies in Self-Service
The mirror itself, not the fear of how it’s reflected, holds an answer to an important question about materialism vs. spiritualism that cannot be asked until you pick a topic, e.g. It’s a shame about Ray. Genuine goodness in this world is somewhere far away from here, pondered as the food in my beer floats slowly to the top in to waiting foam. Is it a pea, a speckled corn nugget? Oh, I haven’t the faintest…
Lebron’s NFL crossover body is obsessed over in most every analysis of his game and where the hell both himself and his career could possibly go from here. He’s ENORMOUS, bigger than one of the most ‘’’‘powerful’’’ power forwards ever in Karl Malone, Jimmy Kimmel’s seeming blackface-acceptability notwithstanding; there are numbers out there that really jump off the page at you. He’s over 270 lbs. and he’s hell-bent on recreating at least 3 traditional positions; he’s not 25.
Y’all kept tawking about how good the college education can be, if you want it; but the process that gets you through all those things is like an involuntary reaction to putting up with all the shit; I feel like a ship without a rudder. Is Lebron a good-guy? Changes to the imposed age-limit will most definitely start getting kids to head overseas; which is win-win for the big boys who want to expand the league; The hermaphroditic godhead split long ago in to Sonny and Stern. Josh Childress is talking like he wants to come back to the NBA; hmm, hmm, hmmm. I’m too much with myself, but I love my drug buddy.
Here’s my summary [My 2 (Weed + ME) SΣNSΣ]: a blog-aggregator, a certain Google blog search, becomes the newest first-year GM to take a perennial lottery team to the Conference Finals in a single year with the #14 pick, it’s 2013 and we’re in Charlotte, after Bob Johnson sells his ‘Cats, re-dubbed CHROME in an all-time marketing ploy, and Michael Jordan gets a custom-made island in Dubai to reenact the final dunk from Space Jam for the Chinese Oil Barons who pay top dorra (Euro/Dollar, or racist stereotyping, you decide) for such great heights of cartoonish western athletic achievement; Yao will spearhead an anti-racial stereotyping conference in el Distrito Federal with Thomas Pynchon that is funded by The Tarence Kinsey foundation. Later it is revealed that the internet is actually run by pirates, they will take your oil tanker, you can shoot at them, sometimes hit them, and they don’t give a fuck overall if you broadcast it on the news the turnpike down.
I know now the source of the confusion in my mind since that moment I watched the Graduate and then had a bit part in the stupid sequel in the summer of 2008; I read Halberstam and Marx in the same calendar year; if the question is breaks of the game or best and the brightest, the answer is both; the division of labor lies within the only servant you’ll ever know, that being yourself. Drink your drugs, don’t do school, and stay in milk!

At 6/14/2013 6:38 PM, Blogger Jim Philips said...

I thought that it was a boxing glove instead of radio. I think that they are filling it with a lot of air. but it is quite funny. I will share it with the Hostpph community.


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